I have an Arbys account. They have a large diamond shaped window 20 feet up as well as some trap shaped windows around this diamond. I have the diamond dialed in from the outside. Problem is they have the Arby sign - neon sign mounted on large piece of lexan - hanging by rather cheap looking chains - about three inches from the inside of the diamond. Only way I have found to clean it is a large precariously placed ladder inside. Can anyone recomend a way to clean behind this sign? As it is, I’ve told them I will do this window occasionally after hours, but it is a real PITA.


we have the same type of arbys here. we couldn’t figure out another way than precarious ladder placement, and pullingly (carefully) the sign far enough out to clean behind it. and we couldn’t get to it all w/ one ladder placement! we continue to clean there windows on a regular basis…but not that one. that was a one time deal. i think we did that first part of this year. not much help i know, but good luck.

Eric, this does not answer the question direct but maybe close enough to get yer juices flowing;

I have a couple of resty/bars with neon beer signs and ‘Open’ sign…‘hookers cheap here’ signs…

Now and again I do the pull and clean move you write about above. It makes me nervous as heck.

But most of the time I spray and wipe using foam or DI water and a micro.

High voltage those signs as well :eek:
Do you not have ladders you can place in the A frame position?