Are all window cleaners OCD or just me

So, we go on vacation and stay in a cabin on the Little River in Tennessee and I [I][B]have[/B][/I] to clean the windows the first day I am there. Started bringing my equipment about 5 years ago. Am I the only one who does stuff like that?

Chip, hey bud. We go to a cabin every year too. But I exchange the window cleaning to stay there for a week.
Don’t think I would throw that in there myself… but I get it. :slight_smile:

It would really bug me to have dirty windows though ln vacation!

Just you.

I clean for money, nothing else.

Why are bothered by dirty windows. Go out and enjoy your time away.

I bring a squeegee on vacation. It doesn’t kill me to do a couple of windows and the results are always pleasing. I asked a similar question on here a while back and the general consensus was that perhaps I was a little OCD. To each his own I guess…

This cabin is right on the river. We enjoy it as much as what we do away from the cabin. We like a clear view.

I just met one of the owners on this trip. Plan to talk to him about trading cleaning the windows on several of his cabins for 10 days in this one.

about 3 cruises ago i started packing a 8" set of tools to clean all balcony glass, and mirrors in my cabin.
i also struck up a conversation with the power washers/window guys every time i see them around the ship