Are there any oscillating or rotating brushes?

Sounds like a reasonable advancement. Is anyone providing oscillating or rotating brushes?

Sorry but their video demo doesnt seem to work,,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,138/category_id,17/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,76/

I sincerely believe this will be the future of wfp!

The first ones I ever saw were too clean boat hulls from the safety of the deck, these were water powered using the water to drive the ocillating head. Obviously you would need quite an amount of water much like a pressure washer to run something like this.

Racensteins used to sell these:

Also Black&Decker have something similar out & there are a number of rechargeable products coming into the fore right now:

They are starting small, but will get bigger: -

Isnt there a water machine out that goes over the side of a building?

Wouldnt that have oscillating or rotating brushes?

Yep, but I think you are looking at the $50,000 - $100,000 range + revolving maintenance contract.

Hey Karl,

I’m curious what advantage you think this will serve over different brushes. Clearly it would agitate dirt a bit better, but what windows are you cleaning currently that don’t come clean with the brushes you have available that a brush of this sort would help with?

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m looking at ways of making the process simpler or easier. By just standing there & letting the brush do the work instead of the arms &/or back it would be beneficial especially at extreme heights. I’m not actively persuing this at the moment, but I still predict this will be the way forward unless the low pulsing microwave idea takes hold (currently used on precious antiquated leaded glass).

Do you have a link to a manufacturer of this?

They are not currently in fabrication to buy. If you search on the internet for “ultrasonic” & “leaded glass” it comes up with a few principles of cleaning. The links I did keep have now gone, were to do with restoring leaded glass in Italy & how they managed to utilise the equipment for a perfectly clean finish. Any other links you find - please post!

Someone already has a patent out on chandelier cleaning!

I also remember back in the 80’s I watched a program on TV about the future of washing clothes with microwave pulses & they stated emphatically this would be the way we all cleaned clothes in the ten years time!

I have seen one at the depot for a powerwasher. Not sure how great it is, but I’m sure it could be modified to work. Can’t see to find it on their site but heres another site that seems to have them

Also not sure as to the hardness of the brushes, but I would think they would be pretty stiff as for the industry they are made for. But the tool is short and the water flows into it. There would have to be some serious mods to get the amount of water through the tool to get the brushes to spin from a WFP System. Or at least an inline pump would be needed. Or you could just hook an ro/di output to the input of a powerwasher (on low) and go from there. My system runs two poles so I guess it would not be an issue to run a PW with that brush on one hose and a standard WFP on the other, for rinsing and touch ups.

You’re right – lots of modifications would be required.

I’ve read that running RO/DI water through a PW is harmful to the coils, though.

I saw this and it reminded me of this thread. It looked pretty sturdy.

was that as IWCA?

Looks like it’s be hard to get into the corners huh?


Im not really even sure what it was for. It may have been for scrubbing vinyl siding or something

Joe from the wfp training academy in the UK is in the final stages of the one he has built.

Hey Jeff!

Not to hijack the thread … but the Water Fed Pole Academy is where its at… (When Im not here of Course) Great group of guys with a ton of knowledge. Karl posts over there quite a bit as well.

Hi Chris
Karl and Jeff (the electric window cleaner) post on there alot Karl also has a great blog and they both have tons of Knowledge in wfp

Joe who’s built the rotory brush showed me a video of it in action, He said its very light and it looks good.

hi everyone, i am joe from the training academy forum, :slight_smile: i already have the motorscrubber, and it is a very good rotary tool, but it is very heavy after a while,:frowning: anyway i discovered a product that is less than half the weight, yet has the same power and runs on a 3.6v cordless battery, unlike the motorscrubber that runs on 12v, this small one will last all day, why is it taking you so long,you may ask, well i am trying to convert it from cordless to running directly from the battery, and this is where i am having the dificulty, am nearly there, at one point i have thought of a rechargable battery kit and a onboard battery charger kit, so as one battery runs low we can change over to a new one, either way it will be a great rotary brush, so hopfully soon i can share with everyone how i made it

Hi Joe, wha 'appen? Some one fart over at the academy :smiley:

this to me is like going on holiday :smiley: seriously though, when this rotary brush is finaly finished, its going to be a winner :cool: