Are they a scam?

spotless USA based out of Dallas Texas

I found these people on Craigslist and sent them an application. They called blah blah blah they said i got the job and i’ll hear from the person who will train me. So the guy calls me at almost 10 at night gives me a address. I get to the job yesterday which was about 50 miles from my home and he tells me about himself and how he has only been doing this for two weeks and he is the longest to be there b/c nobody has the drive and things like that then he starts telling me how i will be a independent contractor and today i am just training. Well one he never told me how or showed me how to do anything. Then he tells me how i can’t start working until i get my own equipment and that since i am training today i will not be getting paid for anything. I thought right away that was bogus but i went with it and tried picking his brains with questions, the entire time not getting anything clear just short responses. Then he wanted to leave me alone on that house to go do another job so i asked if i would be getting paid since i’m doing it myself and he said no b/c i’m training. He also had me climbing on the ladder to reach some high first story windows which i know i shouldn’t have done but i thought i would show them i bust my ass not really thinking about the scam. Well we finish the house and i see the price they quoted a inside and out job (200$ out and i think like 50$out) from what can remember they almost 100 small panes (5 for top pane on each window), about 50 regular panes, 6 sliding doors, and a 12 pane kitchen window. When i saw that i asked why so cheap and he said they were cutting deals to gain business. so we go to the next house which i wasn’t going to go but it was 2 blocks away and if this ended up being a legit company i’d like to have this job since i’m interested in owning my own, i just figured i work for someone to get the tips and tricks and get paid while doing it. So we get to the next house and again i ask so i’m still not getting paid for this job and he said no. He hands the invoice to the woman turns around and tells me how this house will bring him nice money and in a joking but serious way i said well for me to work for free i better get a big tip and he was lost for words. Well by the time we started i told myself F these people i’m not working for free so while he does his half i only did 4 panes and he said wow how come it’s taking you so long and i tell him rookie mistakes, i ended up doing like 20 panes and he did about 60. After the job we tell the woman we are done and leaving she says bye closes the door and no tip. we walk to his car he does the paper work and says Jose will call me that night at 8(never called me) he then says i’ll be getting an email from the company that is a online thing i have to fill out which takes over an hour, and i also have a no competition contract to sign. I get home wait wait wait and no call, i check my email and i have a for that explains what to do and in the entire form there are misspelled words which isn’t very professional to me. I still never heard from anyone and still haven’t got anything through email for me to sign nor fill out. The guy from “HR” calls me and leaves me a voice mail saying if i don’t sign the contract that the position will no longer be available. So now I want to know if these people are legit or just trying to get free work and have people sign contracts just so nobody can run their own show


Run brother run!!! Although their site says employee in it, an independent contractor is not.

[]Our employees are very detail oriented. We go the extra mile as if we were cleaning our own homes.
]We use the highest quality professional cleaning equipment.
[]We perform customer satisfaction surveys with every customer after each service to get feedback on how we did. Among other questions, we ask if you would use our services again and recommend us to others.
]We don’t send just anybody in your house. Our employees are background checked and work with a senior employee to confirm their experience before they work on their own. Our employees have been with us for several years and service the same clients year after year.
[*]We recognize our employees are our greatest assets. Our employees are experts who are thorough and efficient. They treat customers as they would want to be treated.

I haven’t called them back and don’t think i will. I just want to see if anyone knows of them or if they are a scam or not. And if nobody knows anything i want everyone to know so they can beware and tell others to beware.

I do not know anything about this company, but have come across several companies that have business practices that are similar or identical to what you have experienced. Not a good thing for you.

HAHA Nope not good at all, they just got a free days worth of somewhat hard work out of me for free and i’m sure i wasn’t the first nor last.

especially if you fall/get hurt on the job.

Exactly, that came to me after i did it. It was hard comprehending that it may be a scam until we got to the second house.

Even if this was a legit operation (which I can assure you with 99% certainty based on what you’ve said that it is NOT legit), but even if it was, you do not want to sign a non-compete contract if you are thinking of venturing out on your own. You should view that as a deal-breaker.

Especially if you’re an independent contractor (which is how they were treating you, making you provide your own equipment, etc), then a non-compete makes no sense. You can only use a non-compete with an employee not on sub-contractors.

Hope that helps. I would cease all contact and retain any documentation or record of the event that you have. Just my 0.02.

I said that last night to my girlfriend and she agreed. If i have to go and buy all my own stuff and like you said be a sub-contractor there should be no reason to have a no compete form, i figured if it was only for a short period i’d be ok with that but it’s for 3 years and i have to be 500 miles from any job or employee of that company or i’d have to pay like $500,000. I did get the agreement today and it said that i waive all injuries, liabilities, and damages from the company which is strange b/c they should have insurance to cover themselves but i guess is i was a independent contractor it would be on my half but i’m not sure on that. I have the entire thing and could try to send you the link or copy and paste it if you’d like to read it, but i think i’m going to stay away strictly b/c of the no competition thing.

To add one more thing to that when i received the contract through email it came in my spam box which raises another flag on the scam side.


Was this in Dallas, or Florida?

Maybe the “Two Week lead guy” is running his own scam, and got your pay.

What was his first name, this plan sounds like the guy that was gonna make a killing cleaning gyms and used to post grand ideas on the forum in the middle of the night, used to get in fights with llaczko all the time, can’t remember his name right now but I miss that guy:D


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500 miles away, or pay $500k… :rolleyes:

Those guys are a joke.

I’ve had customers tell me that spotless was supposed to clean their windows, but never showed up

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Nick, by hanging out here, you already know the answer. Don’t bother “working” for free for these tools. Go start your own thing. Dallas has plenty of glass, I’m certain.

The actual business is based out of Dallas but i am in Florida, the guy i trained with was John or Johnny and the HR guy said his name was Roger Wood AND on the contract email the guys name was Shashank Chauhan. HAHA ya when i read that i seriously giggled a bit and yes i giggled. Well i looked them up on google and i read a lot of people who said they were unlisted and on the don’t call list and Spotless called them with last name and address telling them they’d give them a CHEAP price just to do it. I plan on going on my own when i get my truck together and i figured if i was buying my own supplies and doing it all myself what would be the purpose of even working with a company that gives me their change.

shashank chauhan-THE LEGEND :smiley:

you cannot limit someone from competition with such strict parameters. 500 miles away and for 3 years. Go ahead and sign that piece of paper, and then take a big dump and wipe your A$$ with it, because that’s what its worth. It’s toilet paper and would never hold up in court. Even if you signed and went out on your own, and they chose to spend the amount of money to try to “enforce” such a bogus non-compete, a judge would laugh at it, and then HE would take a big dump and wipe his A$$ with it. At least that’s the way it would be in my state.

I think there are labor laws against this sort of thing. Some people do it and stay under the radar because they don’t get reported. Even minimum wage should be paid for the simplest of tasks and “training.” I once applied for a bartender job, had gobs of experience but few jobs available, the guy wanted me to work a couple shifts for free to see how I do. I said “I don’t work for free” and left! Found a job at a beach resort that paid nicely for 2 years until I moved on. If I were to shadow someone - as in - learning procedures, watching, asking questions, etc., then yeah, probably justifies no pay. But if I have to lift a finger to do labor or cover a shift? Oh hell no, pay me bucko! If you are looking for a job then you are looking for income. Find something part time to earn something while freeing other time to look for more gainful employment or self-employ.

First, report these guys to the better buisness bereau.
Second, he owes you minnimum wage for the time spent with a minimum of 2 hours.
Third, the guys a jirk and you should take his customers =)

Legal: A business contract is considered void if based on illigality. You cannot offer someone a job and pay them nothing for the work they do. That is fruad. Sue them. At the vary least it will be posted on their companys history and will negativly impact their business.