Are You Advertising With Yelp?

I got a call this week from a representative. He was offering to make a professional video, and run ads on Yelp. However, it’s pricey. To just have 450 ads run per month, they want $350. To get 1,100 ads run per month they want $550. They also want you to commit to paying that for a minimum of 1 year.

Have any of you tried this advertising? If so, how did it work out?

Brian Anderson
Master’s Window Cleaning, LLC


Ummm Negative…

Pass on it, but get your customers to write positive reviews about your company on yelp. I get quite a few new clients that way.

They called me up as well…The pitch looked good and was enticing. The woman did open up with how I’d already been seen X amount of times on Yelp to which I thought “Yeah but nobody has called because of it…” Also, for that kind of money, I will become a Member of WCRA before considering Yelp;-)


Here, it seems to be really popular. I only just set up our page properly a few months ago and we have received several calls from it. I’m thinking of giving our clients some sort of incentive to leave a review on Yelp and Yelp alone. Well, maybe google and angies, and yahoo, and…too!




I was thinking more like credit towards there next cleaning. Buy yeah, I guess that is cash.

Hey Brian,

I got the same call and my wife got into it with the exact same rep I’m guessing. He was pitching her the same terms, and the same promises. And we have noticed is that he must have sold the ad to somebody because there’s a guy here in Davis who is just all over Yelp now. He has no reviews like we do, but he appears on every page in the area. He didn’t have a website, but now he does and it is definitely increasing his exposure. Don’t know if it is worth $350 per month or not though.

Hope you’re well,

Jeff Likes

i heard a unique idea… $10 payed in $2 bills overtime they spend one it reminds them of your business.

This spring they were offering a free trial. We tried it, and didn’t get one single lead. I’m glad that I didn’t pay anything for it.

I had the same experience. I actually get more business off of it now without the pay per click

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