Are you cleaning glass today?

Yes no?

Catching up on window screens.

my first commercial account in a town about 30 mins away, after that some more marketing in that area.

Cleaning glass today and repairing sliding screen door mesh their doggie ran thru

We had a large commercial pressure washing job that could only be done this morning. I hate working Saturdays!

Yes. Toyota

Never on Saturday’s unless it’s my own.

Yes. We have one 3 man crew out working today doing glass.

Got guys on two diff jobs. I’m doing estimates on a few large 2nd homes for our of town owners.

Then going to a festival in a neighboring town to pass out flyers.

Doing a triple play on a house today: Roof, Gutters, & Windows. In that order. :slight_smile: It’s lightly raining as I type :frowning:

I remember when Saturday mornings were for cartoons!

No glass on weekends. Will be working on 3 GutterStuffProFR bids and sending some marketing materials for same to a Real Estate agent that features me on a postcard every fall at no cost to me. Free is good.

Finished cleaning windows at a condo, now on to do 2 screen repairs and 1 custom screen.

2-story commercial with no weekday access.

Had a full week, usually no work on weekends except once in a while. Spending some time with family today then mountain biking tomorrow. Monday morning it kicks in again.

Wine tasting with friends today.

Yes. And tomorrow as well…

Nope. I am softwashing my favorite type of home. White vinyl siding that really needs it. After I am done the homeowners will look at me with a huge smile. :slight_smile:

Just got home from a $600 WC job in South Orange, and my new guy (who kicks a$$) got my foot in the door and I landed another $500 WC job at their next door neighbor’s house :slight_smile:

Yes two crews out today.

We had 2 crews out today while I enjoyed my sons 1st birthday party. :slight_smile: