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Does your outside salesman do door to door soliciting and if so, what is the percentage that he closes? if he does not do door to door, why not?

You mean houses?

What kind of psychological tricks or tips do you use to help you with hearing “NO” all day. I suck at commercial selling and just can’t bring myself to go out these days because even an hour or two of “NO’s” really gets me down.

I love when someone calls me based on a flier or my website because the face-to-face meeting is really just to close the deal.

Yes Houses, good eye Chris… I think the hot sun out in so Cal has fried my brain…

We dont do that because people in NJ are angry.

Anger and really long drive ways. We generate more than enough work through other channels. If I lived in an area that had say more track homes that sat close the road it would be a viable option…

Were basically in the woods here so the homes are far apart… It could easily be a 1/2 mile walk between houses.

Dang that is crazzzzzzyyyy

we have palm trees here with tiny driveways

1/2 mile walk - thats a long way to go for a cup of suger!

I’d like you to record a few pretend difficult phone calls between prospects & Shaun. Or live real ones for that matter.

How does Shawn go into mid size commercial and nail those accounts???
Like a mall or something.

How would someone who does small commercial and storefront get into mid/larger commercial accounts. What tactics does Shawn use to ninja into those???

I hear ya! Being told “NO” over and over can really bring you down and I’d be being completely dishonest if I told you it hasn’t affected me in the past. I’ve gone into sales slumps that I thought I’d never get out of. The only real trick is to just hang in there. I find when selling our services you really have to hear a lot of NO’s to finally get to a YES but it will happen. I simply try to always remain upbeat when approaching any potential client even if I’ve been hearing NO all day. I wouldn’t want to ever come across as down trodden or desperate. Just treat every single one as if it’s that first call of the day when you may have been filled with a bit more optimism. My father, who was in sales, had a coffee mug at the house that I still remember to this day (it is probably still there to tell the truth) and I vividly remember what it said but it never really affected me until I took this sales position. It has a picture of a timid looking salesman cowering under a large monster (the customer) who appears to be yelling at him. The caption underneath simply said: “Salesmanship begins when the customer says no.”

It really is true and remind myself of that quite regularly. When someone first tells you NO, that is your opportunity to go back and try to find out why they said NO. Don’t automatically see it as a lost cause and an ultimate failure. We are servicing accounts that I’ve probably tried selling to 5-6 times before I finally got a yes. It usually ends up being about timing. Getting in there just when they are looking for a change in their service provider or when they are having issues with their current window cleaner.

Another thing that motivates me, to be quite honest, is money. The more I sell the more money I make. It is one hell of a motivational tool and one of the reasons I’m able to keep at it even when people seem to only be saying NO!

So, hang in there and don’t give up. I hope that helps. Fire me any more questions that you think I could help you with. Sorry if I got a little deep and prolific but I felt it appropriate.

Thanks Sean, great response.

I think my main problem is that I’m a better worker than salesman. And most of the time that I try to do some selling, I’m in worker mode. After hearing a bunch of no’s I’d sooner turn the corner and service the customers I do have. I really gotta separate the two. (salesman from worker) if I want to build a decent storefront route.

Mark maybe you could pick a couple of set days per month to just sell.

Yes definitely. All it takes is a plan, right. I’m still doing mostly residential but I really gotta get something solid for next winter.

Instead of setting a goal of X number of doors to knock on, try setting a quota of “NO’S” per day. That way every no you get gets you that much closer to your goal and the yeses become a bonus.

Chris i can’t get these videos to play. I own a MAC compute if that matters. Any help would be appreciated
Thank You

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Thanks Chris been a subscriber to that channel for a while now. Glad to here they are the same vids didn’t know if I was missing anything