Assigning Equipment to Employees

Currently we are only assigning Belts and BOAB setups to crew members and then they just work out of the truck for additional equipment. I am thinking about designating by color code to each tech his/her equipment. Reasons for this… #1 Microfiber Towels Missing #2 Equipment left of job sites (Mainly poles inside houses) #3 overall accountability to each tech

I am thinking about buying colored duct tape to start this system. Is anyone currently doing anything like this and how do you have it setup?


I don’t have employees but that idea is right up my alley. Will tuck it away for the future.

Belt and bucket is assigned. 4 squeegees assigned per belt. Everything put back in bucket when job is done.
We left a lot of drop clothes and booties behind this year until we started taking everything outside of the house when done with insides (which we always do first).
If you make sure everything is outside, at least by front door, things won’t get missed when collecting money and saying goodbye.

Here is a great thread on marking tools @Kyle


it’s a great way to go

I used to use that fluorescent spray paint to just put a color stripe on everything (had 10 in field at the time)

everything for the individual stuff (vs truck stuff)

when it’s marked as theirs, they get pretty possessive of it, works great


… LOL…unless you’re me…

One of the form packets from the WCRA that has a tool sign out sheet. It’s similar to one I signed out when I worked for Keystone RV in Indiana. Keystone has around 3,000 employees at its Indiana plants alone. It was a good system for accountability, but would not prevent loss, theft, or incompetence.

At least you would know of if someone loses tools the replacement cost will come out of the employees paycheck not out your pocket.

im with you on poles getting lost. iv often thought surely there could be an electronic way to tag them, so that when leaving the job site a warning lamp lights up if all the poles are not in the van


maybe a way to shock to employee if they leave it on the jobsite? :joy:


I wouldn’t even Color code them. Just give each employeee. What ever tools they need , An keep track in a file somewhere what you gave them . Maybe later they need a ledger or a 10". Whatever. Get it for them put it in the list
Now here is the deal these are yourbtools everything I give you your responsible for you lose it , break it , your responsible for replacing it. "Period "

Thsts the way it’s been with me my time working for others. Actually i started buying my own tools … once I started realizing certain tools are better than others .
Only thing hey supplied was rubbers an soap … also wWF

let them know the rule is if you lose something let me know we will re-order an it gets taking out of your pay.
I would even go as far as emailing them a signed paper saying what they have of yours.
Watch how fast lost tools become a problem of the past

Is that even legal? seriously Im curious :confused:

In most industries mechanics have there own tools
Why not window cleaning. Fact of the matter there kyles tools he is loaning them out … so when you Liam something to a person he/she is responsible it’s that simple.

I don’t think any employee will have a problem with it. We are not talking lots of money here. But if you have lots of employees lost tools do add up over time.

Is it legal I don’t see why it would be illegal company policy. Your responsible for your tools.
I never had a problem with it, an I’m a hard head :smiley::v:️️

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I was also respmsable for washing my own rags.

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oh yes. We have forms that our employees sign and date that if they damage vehicles, equipment, customer property that we take it out of their checks.

@wcs here is an example of one of many


Taking lost equipment out of checks. Never gotten the facts on it but always heard illegal, but if they sign off on it they do.

We have had a big issue with lost/broken/left equipment this year.

I think that’s going to be added to my sign-offs next year. Had a couple lost squeegees.
I’d add broken equipment due to ignorance or carelessness also broken storm windows… there has to be accountability to carelessness.

Thats the part im curious about… I have heard the same.

The wisest I know have said

It’s 100% illegal to take broken/lost items out of employee’s paychecks

It’s 100% illegal, but most make them sign docs saying they will pay for broken/lost equip.

Probably nearing 10k in broken/lost items…