At the YMCA Today

I got a call from the local YMCA today. I guess the fish flopped because We have the account now. There is a lot of glass in the place, took me all day.

I like the third pic a lot. Did it bill out well?

Didn’t get what I wanted, they paid more than they wanted…prolly a fair deal…LOL

Nice pics. Man that’s some YMCA. Our’s here looks like a S**Thole. In fact most of the ones I have seen here look pretty nasty.

But I love front entrances like that. It’s really easy to notice clean glass with them. Makes the whole place sparkle. Good job.

Here’s one of the YMCA’s here…

No go on the windows though.

I would like to have the janitorial contract on that building…what is that 60,000 square feet?

That ladder looks scary, did you go up on the sub roof like that?

That is a false wall on the front, there is a metal roof behind it. I stepped over the top and walked to the windows. There are 2 more “wall” sets on the inside. The 3rd pic wall has a weight room mat floor on one side and a wood basketball court on the other…now, setting up the ladder on that slick wood floor was scary…thank-you Rojak