Attaching Jets To a Doodle Bug Pad

How do you attach pencil/fan jets to a doodle bug pad? I’ve tried to clean windows with a normal water fed brush, but it seems like there are always brush marks on the lower portion of the window, so I always pre-scrub with a white scrub pad on a doodle bug pad holder thing. Is there anyway to just drop the brush and have some jets over the doodle bug pad?

If you have brush marks, you either have the wrong angle on your brush or your not applying enough pressure so that the brush spreads out. If just the tips of the filaments touch the glass it will just scratch the dirt. There isnt really a reason to use the doodle bug.

However… you could get the whack adapter, midgit widgit and the unger aluminum pad holder and then you can just flip your pole around to use the scrub pad if you wanted to.

But I honestly think you need to work on your cleaning technique a little bit and you wont have any more problems

Can you trace the opening hole onto the doodlebug and cut out?

You could but I’m not sure you could get the jet flush with the doodlebug

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… Try using tubing with holes in it like the new FOC contractor brush or wagtail jetstream. instead of jets.

How much practice does it take to get the cleaning mechanics right with a wfp? I’ve been using pure water on and off now for 2 years.

I have thought about, and tried one of those double head angle adapters with a doodle bug, and a wfp brush head on the other end, but it won’t work, because I can’t using a valve control with what I’ve got. So I’d end up spraying water all over myself when I go to use the doodle bug. :frowning:

If you’ve been doing it the same way for two years and you always have brush marks then your technique is a little off. The bottom of the glass and the corners are tougher than the center of the glass because the bristles don’t have full range of motion. I know I have to spend a little more time on the bottom corners, that’s my week spot. I usually start at the bottom left corner and do tiny little circles then go right to left across the bottom and then tiny little circles in the bottom right corner. Then I do my up and down strokes.

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[MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION]

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Hogs Hair brush works wonders

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Jarred, It’s all about technique and the brush you use bud. The doddle bug thingy not going to cut it. I have tried every thing too…:slight_smile:

with wfp there’s a learning curve for sure!

  [MENTION=378]Perry Tait[/MENTION] Has some great videos out you should check them out.

With a doodle bug I don’t see how you would get good agitation on the frames, and the corners . I don’t think you would get good agitation on the side edges an even the top
Edge . I think it’s good for a quick pre-scrub , but not as a single process. Just my opinion.

Sometimes I’ll throw a doodle bug on my garlick extension pole for a quick pre-scrub then wfp

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Is @PerryTait going to enlighten this noob? :slight_smile:

Haha - yes sir!

Our video training program is at Water Fed Pole Training - there’s 25 videos there and an online exam…

With CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH, everything is completely different - you have total freedom of angles and you can rinse with the brush on the glass…

We will make some video for that in DC at our one-day training - you could consider that!


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Thanks Perry! :slight_smile: