Attention Mid-West Iowa Convention Attendees

Quick question:

[B]If there was ONE thing you could take away from the Marketing Seminar at the Mid-West Window Cleaning Convention, what would it be?
[I]What’s your biggest obstacle/frustration/question with all this marketing stuff? What freaks you out? What annoys you? What do you wish you were better at? What do you find confusing?[/I]

If something pops into your head, please post it below, and I’ll do my best to work it into the presentation. Of course, you’ll also be able to ask at the event itself, too, if you wish.

My biggest question is can I get a signed copy of the book at the event? Other than that I’m sure some questions will pop into my head as you do the presentation. Thanks again Kevin, this will be a killer seminar!

HHMMMMMMM… one thing I could take away… a DVD of your presentation, (being that I wont be able to be there), by the way Kevin, just got your book, I’ve been reading it, excellent as always. I love the Photo’s and illustrations, it really helps me to visualize all that you are saying.

By the way, I’ll pay for the DVD. I love learning all I can about my business!!

If you have your copy with you, I’ll be happy to sign it, of course!

I am not bringing any books for sale, though.

Thanks Charlie, I appreciate that very much.

I’ll see what I can do about a DVD.

Kevin I will be at the event and be willing to setup my cam and tripod to get all of this on video if you want?


Sounds great, Nick. For my presentation, anyway.

Thanks so much!

Chris would probably appreciate a recording, too, but it’s his call, of course, as the host.

Sounds good Kevin, I will have my computer with me so I will put it on a dvd for you and try to get it to you before we leave for the day.


Fantastic, thanks.