Hey All,

I hope everyone’s late fall is still as busy as you would like it to be. We’ve been so slammed this year, I haven’t hardly logged in at all the past few months, much less posted.

I have a question: Does anyone know anyone with a business needing help in the Melbourne/Victoria area of Australia?
I am traveling to OZ in January and will stay at least 2-3 months, if not longer. I have some details to work out for specific days/weeks that I am available, but I definitely would love to work some while I was over there to help supplement my trip.

I’m very talented at an amazing amount of things, including juggling, so let me know if you have friends across the Pacific!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance,


Perry Tait [MENTION=6318]futureofcleaning[/MENTION] may have a contact for you.

Thanks, Michael! I will PM him.


I thought Perry was Chinese

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You may want to send Willie (Wagtail) a message - I’m sure he could hook you up with someone down there. Also try the window cleaning supply companies - they could probably hook you up with the wc companies. I’m thinking you may have trouble with the insurance though. I know most companies must have coverage & it ain’t cheap.

Thanks for the responses, guys! I’m a week away, pretty stoked and anxious at this point in the game.

Admittedly I’ve never asked him, but I don’t think Perry IS Chinese, but yes I believe he lives in China.
Isn’t Heman in Australia? Of course I have no idea what city, or how close it is to where you are going Josh.

I think Larry was joking about Perry being Chinese…

oh [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION] you know me so well!