Automating email reminders and follow ups?

Hey all,

Just setting things up for my CRM, decided on going with Jobber. Seems to be a great design aside from that fact that only the two top price tiers support email reminders and follow ups with clients regarding their service calls.

Reminders are important - make sure the client will be home to let you in and hasn’t forgot youre coming. Follow ups are just as important, if not more - help build reviews on Google, Yelp etc.

My question is - does anyone know of a cheap or free service that can be set up to do these functions? I run G Suite for my business so maybe there is something that can sync to my gmail account? If not all good, I’m open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any wisdom or help!

Frugal Startup

I recently started using The Customer Factor as a CRM and it has this feature built in at no additional cost. $450/year and no upcharging like some CRMs do for certain features.

Otherwise I have used NiceJob and it has had great results

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Customer factor > jobber, house call pro and pretty much everything

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I use responsibid and it does all those things and more well worth the money. I also have another CRM but I get enough clients from responsibid to make it worth the ROI

the customer factor. it has way more crm functionality than most other field service software. i do all my bulk emails and auto emails through it.