Auwc losers keep trying

i predicted the failure of the auwc over a year ago and the auwc is in worse shape than ever. membership renewals happened about 4 months ago, they booted everyone who complained and then allowed everyone positive to stay who doesn’t complain. free memberships for all apparently.

now only 4 people per day check in to complain. tiny little guy and ex auwc president jeff klass was quoted as saying the following

[I]Who’s in charge around here, WTF is going on, and when will we ever start to progress anywhere?


burn baby burn

and for the search engines - auwc, window cleaning association, auwc fail, jeff klass

they now have only 5 paid members

In retrospect it was unfair and unkind for me to post this w/out first having talked w/ Jeff. While I may disagree w/ his argument in this area in some aspects others have merit. I apologize for my implications Jeff.

What makes you say this?