AUWC seminar report

Based on what I heard on the AUWC forum over the

Gotta love how Gar talks about himself in the third person!:rolleyes:

This is the text of an article that is going into the American Window Cleaner magazine. Knowing that, it makes sense how he wrote it.

I saw no indication that this was the case.
Just chalked it up to Gar’s ego.

The conversation started on AUWC (It was an AUWC event…) as a submittal to AWC.

But, I can’t argue with your logic.


Heard 20ish for a head count. :frowning:

Is that just window cleaners Mr Dwight? Or does that include AUWC folks and Colker staff? Oh and speakers to…

Although I did not do a head count, I would say 17 to be about right. ( window cleaners) It was nice to put a face to some of the WCR members who attended.
Kevin Dubrosky did a great job speaking with the time he had and was my favorite. All in all, an informative event that benefited the people who attended.

Did you get to try the new Simpole? And I have to agree with Tony!!!

I did not try the new Simpole. The brave souls who weathered the cold temperatures looked like they were having a good go with it.
On another note, I do not agree nor disagree with Tony.

Thx George, I appreciate that, man. It was a pleasure meeting you in person, too. Nice to meet the real life people behind the nebulous usernames…

Kevin, they stated that you are a AUWC member, is this correct???

[B]Doug:[/B] Get over it, brother! Let it go!

Not much of an insider – AUWC signed up three new members and one sponsor.

I would also venture that Colker found the day to be successful.

i am asking a question, who asked you

Kevin Dubrosky is an AUWC corresponding member.

Corresponding members are experts from various fields that help the regular members with advice on things such as marketing (Kevin’s expertise), accounting, taxes, etc.

Woo I am a self proclaimed no it all! But seriously can you set me up as a corresponding member? I am an expert in a few different fields.

I’m willing to volunteer my time for AUWC members if they have any questions about waterfed poles.

I am willing to not have a signature that promotes any of my products.