Average day at moerman hq


That was actually done very well. I always cringe a little when I see companies try to make a “fun” video.


Ya I was pretty impressed

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Me too especially when company’s like @luke3636 post videos…lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have to say initially it was a roll eyes moment but as It went on it became fun. Nice way to start the week…with a smile. Good one guys.


The Unger HQ Ninja video lolololololol


Hahahahaha…I instantly thought of that. [quote=“Kyle, post:6, topic:40933, full:true”]

The Unger HQ Ninja video lolololololol

Cool video

Am I the only one who got nervous at 0:48 when that girl was using a razor scraper for a microphone prop?


They better be careful that their cheerful crew doesn’t get stolen! Hmm, I will be hiring soon.

Not sure who cringed more, me or their insurance carrier.

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Looked more like a squeegee handle to me

Is that why the Exelerators were back ordered? Haha, kidding! Funny video

On the right at 0:48 that’s a scraper

Oh, wow. I was looking on the left. Didn’t even register what that was on the right. Lol :joy:

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