Average price for screens from scratch

Hi there

I’m bidding in my first CCU and I had the chance to meet the future owner of the house and she asked my for a business cards and blah blah blah.

My question is:

how much are you guys charging to build screens including measurements, material shopping, assembly and installation ?

I know that is a very vague question, but to have an idea of are the pros charging and offer it, to the builder or the owner (??) and learn how to do it and practice while making some $$.

House has 47 wins which I “think” only 15-22 will need to be screened on some sort of way.

If you have the time and nothing else better to do, please enlighten me .

$35.00 dollars for new screens and $220.00 for sliding glass door screens

Thanks a lot Doug.
Seems good considering that it can be done in my garage while having a beer.

Do you do this yourself ?

what about measurements? 1/4inch less of the width of the opening is room enough ?
with the height just the exact measurement sounds enough right?

please consider that I haven’t build one in my life, but seems easy to learn, and you’ll get better with time and practice.

thanks again

Are they full screens or 1/2 screens? What kind of latches are you going to use?

For 1/2 screens my prices start at $35.00

For full screens my prices start at $50.00

Cheat…call your local building supply or hardware store and ask them what the charge to build a screen…

I always keep frame and screen product and can repair or rescreen if needed…I charge between 25 and 45 per screen

WOW , there’s good money there.
I’m new to this whole thing, not only the screens, and this is my first CCU job ever, and I don’t know how it works, if the builder is in charge of providing the screens to the new homeowner or if their responsibility once they’ve moved in.

To sethfenster:

what you consider half or full screen ? sorry if it sounds silly but, again, I’m new to all this.

thanks guys for help me out.

If this is a new house with new windows I would be sort of surprised if the windows didn’t come with the screens. Whenever I do CCU’s (rare) the screens are usually still boxed somewhere onsite and I have to find them, unwrap them, and install them. Maybe the builder didn’t order them with the windows. I would ask him or the homeowner.

1/2 screens cover only half the window.
Full screens cover the whole window.

On CCU’s a smart contractor will wait until the final cleanup is finished before they install screens.

Ok, we’re talking not to smart builder here.

I got there today to clean everything, but the still have to stain/seal the stone, which is on the whole front and back of the house … is the first time that I work with him, previous owner of whay today My company, did a few jobs for him with no problems.

I’m just waiting, he has a couple of more homes in that subdivision to be ready soon, and he wants me to do those to, plus another one out of town, so I see myself cleaning at least a few windows for free or at discount after they seal the stone, and before he let the new homeowners move in.

I’m pretty sure that he has the screens somewhere, I just didn’t knew how this whole thing worked but you “showed me the light” in this matter :slight_smile:

thanks a lot

Is there a reason you couldn’t be paid for another round of cleaning?

It could be very time-consuming after sealing, dependent upon frame and glass protection.

It will take more than 1 beer.

I dont do screens, i just have a screen guy that does them for me, I get $5.00 per screen from him,

Screens to me seem like a headache

So i just make a quick 5 bucks per screen

Plus pickup and delivery and installation?

I’m not that worry about making lots of money right now, so much focused on building a strong client base and showing them that we offer a wide variery of services without falling into the " we do it all at any price" category. Is my first year ( couple of months actually) as the owner of this company, and I’m trying to prepare myself for the slow season.

I want to research about complete CCU (pricing+pros&cons) since I know a couple of busy builders who already use us for the windows so I can offer a package deal or something. Just venting, haven’t had coffee yet :slight_smile: