Awesome website! Look!

This is for anyone that is looking for business info. I had a ton of questions about my business. Looking to hire someone, tax questions, a bunch of other things. Found pretty much everything here I needed to answer. Hope this helps someone.

Yes, pretty awesome fo sho.

All the same, make sure you read with a filter!

Here’s a comment from an article that caught my eye just now:

[INDENT][I]"In addition, Hadley cautions business owners against taking on marketing responsibilities themselves.

“For an entrepreneur, what you contribute first and foremost is your vision and leadership, and if you get mired in taking over someone else’s job, you’ll probably be less effective as a leader.”
Wrong. Focus on marketing as the owner.

Being “less effective as a leader” is terrible advice. your company is your vision that means from inception to end and everywhere in between. That does not mean you have to micro manage every aspect but you most certinaly have to be involved.

" where there is no vision the people perish" the people could be you if you work alone or your employees.

You(the business owner) are probabaly the one who should be involved with the marketing. You know your market area the best you know the competion and you know the demographics of your area.

All that said, if you can only put together stick figures on paper stained with your favorite beverage than yes you need to bring your art work somewhere,but even the graphic designer will ask you about the vision.



We’re so smart, aren’t we.

I must say, though, that it is a challenge knowing who and what to listen to, but I will not hijack this thread to expound on it… is awesome, for sure.

? you both offered good advice, and thanks for sharing the link.

Hi Kevin, I hope you did not mis-take my reply. It was not geared towards you or your reply, it was to the article that you referenced. I dont understand why the “experts” tell business owners to stay away from there marketing. It is my opinion that most failing businesses are directly related to thier lack of marketing and innovation in marketing. I think innovation in marketing is the one area that lacks for most business owners. I agree with you. I appologize if I offeded you or if I was not clear.

No, no, Tom!

Please, no need for an apology…

I was just thinking about how arrogant I may have sounded to immediately attack what was proffered so generously, in terms of the website.

I also agree that it’s funny how many divergent opinions are out there, many of which are off-base.

Great!!! it is so hard sometimes to judge the voice of the e-mail or post. Electronics are great but we are losing the ability to have real relationship.

I agree that the was well meaning in its post that does not change the fact that it is off base and truley, they should be held accountable. there are many business owners who seek out information and never come out on a forum such as this and openley discuss thier business “problems” or for that matter be able to discern what information is profitable or not to them.

Oh, pride is a funny creature!