Aztec Screen Washer

How does it compare to the IPC screen washer?

Pro’s / Con’s of the IPC vs Aztec?

Does the Aztec have a shut off / pn flow valve or is it continuous flow?

Looks beautiful lol, I want one.

I think its about time for me to get one of those. A while back there was
only the ipc screen washer first version and it looks like a clunker. ipc version 2 looks much better as well as the aztec.
based on the videos on youtube here is what I can assume about the two

the aztec pros:

  • $350
  • has 4 removable/replaceable screen bristles
  • compact for easy setup/break down


  • uses a 1/4 inch connect to water source. better if it had a standard hose connection
  • no on/off foot valve like the ipc

the ipc v.2 pros:

  • on/off foot valve


  • takes time to assemble/dissasemble
  • only two bristles (are they removable?)
  • $420 ($70 more then aztec)

anyone have first hand experience with both screen washers? im going to buy the aztex tomorrow based on its pros.

How much time do you think this tool can save you compared to doing the old school way?

Hey Steve i did a house today that had about 40 screens of all sizes, I like doing screens and dont mind wet washing them with a hose and brush but I realized that I spent too long washing those screens today (maybe 45 mins) and I think this new ipc version 2 or the aztec can cut the time in half.

I wasnt interested in the ipc v1 but didnt like the design of it. but the new ones I think will benefit me alot so will order one.

let us know how it works out for you and saves you that much time.

Is it me or has the price for the Aztek gone down considerably to $284?!!

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

I bought Aztec back in April works good, I had to make the holes a little bigger to get more water onto the screens.

you still need to brush the screens, there’s a technique to it, the biggest thing about the screen washers is that it impresses the homeowners

We use the 1st version of the eagle, its a great tool.

the concept of putting on a show to up charge on the screen cleaning is a huge benefit.

When you say you still need to brush the screens- do you mean dry brushing them before insertion into the Aztec? Does the washer do a good job on the frames…do you still need to wipe the frames off after running them through the Aztec?

Brush prior I spoke with owner about pre brushing he didn’t but I found that I needed to. It may depend on your area and dust.
do the frames last so you don’t need to wipe after [MENTION=1922]windows3877[/MENTION]

Its not just the time it saves your back also. It does impress the home owners too.

I run the screens through the machine, then wipe the frames (if they need it) with a rag while there still wet. I still Use the dry brush method if there just a little dusty though.

WCRA member price!

Hey guys, I created the AI washer so let me know if I can help!

[B]Bunkerboot83[/B], it doesn’t have a foot shut off valve. That’s one of the features of the IPC that does rock. However, I found that since mine uses just the fraction of the water, you don’t really need one. You can buy a cheap hose shut off at lowes or home depot if you find you need one.

I don’t have shut offs on my prototypes and I’ve been using them for 2 years. If you do want more water, you can definitely enlarge the hole or add additional holes with a pocket knife.

I gave some thought to adding a shut off value but didn’t for a couple of reasons:

  1. I like not having to worry how I pack my washer. If I added an external foot valve, I’d have to pack it in the van carefully so I don’t break or bend something. As it is now, I can toss my washer in the back of a truck, bury it under equipment and I don’t have to think about it. I don’t usually abuse my equipment, but it’s my washer and I wanted to be able to testify how tough it is.

  2. Added cost. I wanted to try and keep the cost down. When I was looking at the IPC v1, what stopped me was a) cost and b) the removable and lose-able parts. It’s also why it doesn’t ship with a hose. You can by a 7’ leader hose at lowes and it works great.

  3. I build these by hand. It would take me longer to assemble and it’s just time prohibitive.

My washer does use standard hose fittings. The hose female connects to the tubing via a john guest fitting.

As far as technique, simply run the screen up and down and around. It’ll clean the frame and the screen. In New Mexico, we’ve got dirt, cobwebs, dirt, bird poop, dirt, poop from what I can only assume are pterodactyls, and dirt. The brushes provide enough tension that they can hold a screen in place so you’ll get a good scrub.

I haven’t really used soap but a friend of mine up in Colorado Springs did add an old unger soap dispenser to his unit. He likes it. I found that if I have [B]really [/B]dirty screens, you can hit them quickly with a soapy mop, then run them through the unit and the unit will scrub and rinse the soap off. I’m just not sure how a constant stream of soap would work.

I told the guy in CS to set up the washer in the front yard and wash the screens there. He said that they first time they took it into a residential area, they got 10 leads on other houses. I’ve never gotten that many, but I have had neighbors stop by and watch which did turn into house cleans.

So my advice is to set it up in the front yard, lean all the screens on it, and leave them out there while you clean. :wink:

Thanks for the info. I like the marketing idea of washing out front. I can see how it might draw positive attention.

thanks for the feedback, I just purchased the aztek today, should arrive soon. I will also make more holes to allow more water flow to flush the dirt down and off the screens.

nice to hear, im all about presentation and if this helps me look more professional then even better.

I have the IPC 1 and it is a huge time saver compared to cleaning them with a brush and hose. If I remember correctly from a job that I payed attention to the time, I cleaned 12 screens in about 10 minutes last summer, including setting up and tearing down the machine. (I already had a hose set up while using my WFP on that house.). Screens had been very dirty, and were perfect when I finished.

It was a bummer to buy the first one only to have them release the second one a few weeks later.

is that john guest fitting in the box or do i have to get one from home depot?

sounds like a money maker and great investment, thanks for adding a second option for screen washers. I really dont think the ipc 1 or 2 are for me.

Nope, the only thing you need is a garden hose to hook it up to.

sounds like a money maker and great investment, thanks for adding a second option for screen washers. I really dont think the ipc 1 or 2 are for me.
Not to mention that, depending on your pricing, you can probably up sell the screen washing: “We’ll wash all the windows for $XX but for $XY we’ll also wash the screens!”