Back linking?

What is it and how in the world do you do it with wordpress???:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Search function on the top of the page brother, search function :slight_smile:

COUNTLESS topics on backlinking here

Actually counted 3,018

Nice! Thanks!!

Backlinks is the common term used in SEO… They are the links generated from another pointing towards our site and building no of back links from various methods is called Link building.

[B]For example:[/B]
Placing your website link into another site and if anyone clicks that links from that site and visits your site means one back links generated…

You post an article (with a link to your website inserted into it) on an article directore; if you article is approved, then you get a backlink. It’s simple to understand.

Backlinks are links posted on other sites pointing to your site. Submit to article directories, forun sig posts, social media marketing, etc.

Best to spend the time on unique content IMHO…I just don’t think links have the value they did years ago. You can get exactly the search results you want without ever doing a single one if you spend the time on content.


I think links & content are both very important now. Look at all the top posters on WCR, they usually all rank very well for their cities. Having 3,000 backlinks from a window cleaning forum - and good content associated them as well would put nearly anyone at the top of the google rankings locally.

That’s why it’s so important to have a good forum. If everyone just says “agree” or “thumbs up” or “you can remove hard water stains with vinegar and newspaper” (recycled spam from house cleaning articles on the web) then the forum’s unique content rating will go straight down the toilet.

So, yes I think wcr signature backlinks can be tremendously helpful but not if you are using them in a spammy way self-serving way.

I think we need to separate correlation from causation here. Those who have a lot of posts on WCR, are probably also good about building unique content for their sites. Just a thought…

That doesn’t stop me from putting a couple links in my sig, though :wink:

There’s a difference between backlinking and citations nowadays.

My suggestion, do the research before launching a campaign.

Google Panda… there are a million articles.

Yeah, this is my understanding as well. I’m not an SEO expert and I need to start working on my site. But from what I understand, backlinks and metadata don’t really have any pull with google except as auxiliary information.

The forum links all have “nofollows” on them. As I understand it, it won’t help with seo. Signatures are more for the people reading the posts.

However, a good forum topic will appear quickly on google and then customers searching for “hard water removal” might come into the forum and look at the posters and then might call someone local… which is another reason for being polite and helpful. Potential customers aren’t going to hire a jerk poster unless that poster can demonstrate that they are The Expert on the topic.

Nofollows aren’t necessarily useless though. They do have value, albeit not nearly as much as a dofollow.

Nofollows from an authoritative site like WCR will help a new site get indexed (noticed by Google) faster.

when i first saw the title of this thread i thought it said “back licking???” and i was like “i’ve gotta check that out!”

then i came here and realized it was a boring seo thread. oh well.

I have an excellent home video on how to run a successful back licking campaign.

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I feel like I’m in "Hot Tub Time Machine: Part Deux"
Year: 2006

Here’s the thing. Google is smart enough to know that your forum backlinks (nofollow or otherwise) are YOU, advertising your company.
1000 posts on a forum do not create credibility.

And fast forward to 2011. Oh, let’s “BLOOOOOG about ourselves.”:rolleyes:

If you are searching to find a good hammer, you don’t want to read some dupe’s blog about hammering his chicken wire around the ‘Cement Pond.’

  • “The End Is Near” on THAT one, too…

Everyone here jumps around wanting to "grow their business."
Then GROW you fucking business!

There is a reason that infants don’t have Masters degree’s.
Shit takes time- “blood sweat, and tears” and all that.

Build your company
Earn some credibility
… and traffic will come.

Think of it like a credit score.
(You aren’t going to get a $200k loan when your current credit limit is $500 bucks on a Sears card. Keep paying, keep proving yourself)
Each visit is an opportunity to ‘up’ that score.
-Make them want to stay, and read, and call.

I’m going to shut up now.
Because while most of you are thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about, one or two of you will take note.
And I know enough to know that when the Pakistanis and Indians are all over something… IT’S DONE, AND OVER WITH!

And that’s how these threads sound.

Play around with keywords in your page title and description you will see what ranks best in your area.

Moving forwards this is a out dated SEO method. Whilst it still hold some weight re keywords Google and others are now using enhanced algorithms (since around 2012 or something now) called “semantic data” to place rank on.

This will only increase as time goes on and as the internet is “mobile” and uses “voice activated” orientated searching.

Backlinking is not what it used to be in the past. Now you need realy high quality backlinks in order tomake this worth your time.