Backflip in action

Nice video Tony. Your technique is identical to mine pretty much. :wink:

Great video Tony! I agree with stayin on the ground as much as possible. Glad to see your making a living on homes only.

So no detailing the edges then? Are you using DI water or just tap water. I was thinking that if you used DI water then you might not have to worry about detailing the edges.

I think he’d detail the edges quickly with scrim on a pole.


Tony your giving Don the windowcleaner a run for his money w/ the pole work!

Thanks Brian!

Once again I have to tell you that I suck at poling, but Yesterday my Backflip saved me LOTS of time on a dealership we did. All in all a bad day of work, around 12 hrs, tired as hell, no time to sleep well or rest at least.

I did the insides with the backflip 18, around 50 wins in less than an hour, which for me is excellent. Insides are much better for me to do pole work since I can use the frame as a guide when pulling, outside is another story, need to practice more.
If you;re on the fence for this tool, go get one… now !