Bacon for the burgers we cooked at the game today.

I wasn’t originally bringing bacon to the game but Chris inspired me.

Post your bacon pics here! Lol

I too love to grill bacon. No sandwich couldn’t be improved w/ bacon. Give it up for Bacon!!!

I haven’t tried it yet. But I really wanna

Ok time to go to the store! :smiley:

A friend of mine used to belong to a bacon of the month club. Every month a new flavor of bacon delivered right to his door.

Did that include bourbon flavored bacon??!!:wink:

ever make heart attack eggs??

Its when you use make yourself eggs in the same pan you just cooked your bacon in. Its pretty gnarly… I don’t do it tooooo often.

When camping.


Pretty gnarlicious!

I discovered the greatness of cooking bacon on the grill while camping once. We cooked it right on the grate/grill, directly over the campfire.

But then the drippings only provide great scents instead of great tastes!

Yeah but that makes it lo-cal bacon.:wink:



Maybe true, though I remember it tasting great. It was a bachelor party/camping trip, so needless to say we weren’t in our right minds.

Damn it tony…did you mean to use a double negative?

      • = +

No (0) sandwich…(-) couldn’t (-) be improved (+) WITH (+) bacon

Larry…can you show us a pie?

Look Phil I ain’t got no reason to use a double negative and I really don’t not appreciate you saying I did.:stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Crap. Im gonna need a slide rule.

took a second…

You are welcome.

OK I’m confused.:confused: I think I need a bacon samich!