Bad Day

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I sooooooo needed that.

Dude that was flippin awesome. We have all had those kind of days. I have never gone off the deep end like them… YET Great Video.

That sledge hammer guy had me howling. I think my wife may have the same personality type :smiley:

My wife would tell you that I am that video waiting to happen. :smiley:

All of those clips could easily be me.
Chris always laughs at me because I let computers get me so ****ed.

ps. that song sucks:)

That there my friends is what happens when you let the cubicle get to you.

Hope you had a great day!!!:slight_smile:

Alberto E.

I like that song. When it came out I was in the middle of the darkest days of my life…and it felt so familiar.

that was so awesome!


That clip is fantastic. I could sooooooooo relate to that!

I used to work for a mutual fund in a cubicle. I felt like that all day every day. Now I’m living the dream.

Hilarious, reminds me of Office Space when they kill the copier.

I want to do that sometimes but then remember that it’s my laptop not a companies computer I can just trash.

Good job…Enjoyed that…Needed that kinda going thru that now.