Bad winter good for work?

Not actual direct money making work… but office work!

The winter here in NJ has been horrible for the past 8 weeks. I only venture outside a couple of times a week at most… Normally I would be pretty bummed about not going outside… BUT Its made me tremendously productive. I have been getting so much stuff done its crazy. All sorts of old lingering to dos and projects have been getting completed.

For the first time I actually feel semi caught up and not completely overwhelmed with work… Its kinda nice.

Anyone else having a productive winter?

Not a bit :(. Being a full time firefighter has caused me to spend large chunks on recall making it hard to do anything outside of my basic route work. Really bummed about the whole thing.

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Unlike most of the country, our “winter” does not prohibit us from outdoor work. Losing two employees in the last 60 days has forced me to pick up a lot of slack in the field, so of course things got backed up and unorganized everywhere else. I [I]should[/I] be happy that we grossed 23% more this January than last and 35% from Jan. 2012, but the panic of loosening my grip on the back end operations has stressed me out. I wouldn’t mind a blizzard or two right now :stuck_out_tongue:

This winter has been really cold for us to.(I wish I had that option to stay indoors!!!)

But that being said it has been the most productive winter yet for me in regards to
new clients and work!

I’ve grossed 58% more this Jan over Jan last year and profit margin has increase!

I just keep praying for the phone to ring. Going door to door picking up an occasional store front.

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Just keep at it and the phone will start to ring Tim!

This winter is awful.

Awful, awful, awful.

But its giving me the time to implement things I learned in NOLA :slight_smile:

That being said, its February 1st.

People are starting to think about putting their homes on the market.

The spring is coming, we’re halfway there.

Usually around Valentine’s Day the phone starts slowly ringing again :slight_smile:

February has been the worst month for me, 6 out of the last 7 years. I anticipate this year will be the same. I hope not though. I will be hiring next week, hopefully.

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This Winter has been harsh for sure. I’m with you Chris. I usually still get out a couple days a week but this year I’ve been stuck inside. We have accomplished a lot this winter for sure. Able to implement a lot of new ideas and get a lot of processes ironed out.

Yea feb. can be a drag…

Agreed…Today is

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there is something so productive about a totally ‘open’ day, with no routine stuff, just straight in the mental flow work. the best.

Your magalog is so right on, what isnt done by end of march will probably get pushed to the following year strategy and big project wise

feb is the office crunch month for sure. I welcome it nowadays.

good for you Chris, it is a great feeling!

getting a lot of marketing work finished up as Tim said to me today its pre-season down south

I’m definitely not thrilled about my income over the winter but I have more money booked this weekend then I made all of January. So I guess things are starting to look up a little… [SIZE=3][SIZE=1]​just a little…[/SIZE][/SIZE]

I have had the hardest time hitting a good streak of production in the office. Part of it is on me and mentally slipping.

I know it’s gonna happen soon where I get more done in one day than I have in one week.

I am teetering on being on track and getting behind.

Today was the day our dollar mark hit the low point (payroll, Jan taxes) should help light a fire under my ass.

I have a $250 snow removal route every time it snows. Which has been once a week or more. That seems to have helped.

see your true progress by tracking last 52 week totals each week, you’ll find how even or progressing things really are

see your true progress by tracking last 52 week totals each week, you’ll find how even or progressing things really are

I wasn’t in business full time until around April of last year. The only Winter month I have to compare this to is last month