Ball Park Bid for car lot

Inside & Out once a year. Cannot use a scissor lift inside because of the type of flooring and I guess there current window cleaner used a wfp and they were not happy. Is that user error or can I waterfed pole this if I am good. Thanks !

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I dont do dealerships, so I dont know where the bid should fall, but you can wfp it. You can use a fixi clamp with bronze wool in it to take care of any screw ups, or the bronze wool attachment they have on here. I use something that I got out of the dry wall section of a tool store that clamps down on the back to hold the wool, but the tool they sell on WCR I think is better and I plan on upgrading.

If they grip about wfp, you can say that it depends on how it is used. People can do a bad job with trad tools too.

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They probably don’t want all of the water that a WFP brings around where people will be walking.
If you need to get nose to glass because of yearly then a 10’ or even 12’ A-frame ladder should do just fine; otherwise traditional pole them.


I think you would be better of using a Moerman excelarator and fliq pad on a pole rather than wfp, all those ledges would cause drip marks.

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Combo tool trad it.

Wag or Moerman FLiQ

If the frames are dirty, it will take much longer.

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Pictures must not do justice, the top of these windows are probably 20+ feet high. I am great at nose to glass and wfp but not trad pole and certainly not fanning with a pole. Probably have to bust out my gorilla 22ft ladder and go one after the other til it is done.

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Nobody has ballpark price? Once a year and I should add the lady in charge is beyond picky and I am certain I will be told to redo several windows just because lol

1 million dollars! Because thats how many times people ask us to bid jobs for them. 20ft doing trad pole work is nothing by the way if you know what youre doing. All windows are the same general size and shape. Just wet three windows in a row and straight pull them.


You can even go 4-5-6 in a row as long as the sun isn’t drying them up, an use 2 poles with one guy. If 2 guys One guy wetting one guy pulling all high stick work done this way then one guy furthest left the other guy go furthest right an finish up hand work.
also of course you can use a WFP. Maybe the last guy did it during busy time. Water everywhere ,an the manager didn’t like it. Or maybe he just didn’t do a good job. Just cause some one uses a wfp doesn’t mean the job is done correctly. As far as price. For any of us to give a price for a job you just can’t see in person is nuts. Especially one this magnitude.

I do all me dealerships early usually first job of the day.

Another thing once a year is ridiculous. If my price for 1x a month was 700. I would price him at 1x a year 1400


Don’t sell fanning if that isn’t what you do. Get the job done, get paid; nobodies business how you do it, just do it well.

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This statement doesn’t fit very well. How can someone be beyond picky if they only get the windows cleaned once a year? As a window cleaner you should know that high traffic windows like at a dealership get dirty long before a year is up. Perhaps insides not as much, but certainly showcase windows on the outside. The reason I point that out is to sell a maintenance clean at a reduced price several times a year to “keep the windows as clean as possible” as opposed to once a year where the windows are clean for maybe a month?


They are tight with money but picky. They don’t want to spend money to have it done often but want it done perfect when it is done. I know the easy thought is that they may not be my type of customer and to just pass on it but thats what I mean by picky.


Not the customer I’m looking for. Currently I do a Dodge dealership every other week. I bid it for quarterly, maybe every two months. My jaw bounced off the floor when they said every two weeks. They pay religiously as well. I keep waiting to wake up.


Give them your quarterly price. Give them a monthly price, an give them a yearly price.
Makes sure your price is perfectly profitable.
To me it’s hilarious when they say they want it perfect , but want it cleaned once a year.
What are they going to do when it’s not perfect in 2 months from the Clesning. Ugh :expressionless:!

Good luck !


Do you do this on residential? Like an Annual Price, every 6 months and quarterly? If so is there cancellation fees, do they get discount on second service. Do you do certain things where certain cleans are inside/outside and some are outside only. How do you structure residential plans if you do? I have toyed with many different residential plans but found it confusing. If you give a customer a price for one time clean, every 6 months and quarterly. That is 3 prices then you have inside/out and & outside only so that would be 6 prices and then if you itemize screens as a charge thats another. Its way confusing to give customers a piece of paper or email with 8 different prices on it lol. Would appreciate feedback on your residential plan if you have one to increase frequency

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Unless the place is new I bet they have had many window cleaners over the years, they are probably just using the first clean as a test, bid it a what you would bid for a clean then recommend after you do the job that they should be cleaned on what particular frequency is best suited and offer a discount for any following cleans if they book for a reoccurring service or not.

Keep residential simple !

For me it’s every job is different. I’m nit going to try an sell a $250 job at a discount even for a mauntinece 2x a year. It’s either you want me to put you in or not.

If your trying to get them on a multiple maintenance clean per year. Do it at the time therr paying the invoice. Not before ,

“so sone of our customers usually book a yearly maintenance cleaning is this something you would be interested in “ ?

Wait for a response … some will say “yes “ right off the bat. Why give a discount if you don’t have to ?

Sone will say no that’s ok we’ll call you , an
then , if you feel like you want to Offer a discount for multiple cleans. Throw it out there !

Out here hardly anyone cleans quarterly. I will try to get them on for October -November though … at a discounted rate if need be.

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That is a nice job. I do a dealership for the people I work for which is a little bigger than that. I don’t know what to bid on that really, I’d have to see the glass for myself. Jobs like that you have to start early and finish before they get busy. 5-6am starts to get the high traffic areas out of the way first before they open or you get caught in the rising sun. If using a WFP, maybe bring a 24 inch floor squeegee to remove any water that might get caught on the ground?

Once a year, in and out will be a tough job. The dealership I do is 1x a month and that is dirty by the time I show, I couldn’t imagine a year between cleans. If you could get it on a monthly/bi-monthly outside only and a 6 months to 1 year inside/out-- AND build up 5-10 stores nearby to do on the way or leaving that job-- you can be fine.

Good luck on your bid. To be honest that would be a nice job to get for your route, but I don’t know about the once a year cleaning. Maybe try to sell a routine cleaning for a lower price. Polish that place if you get the job and wow those people, you can get a lot of jobs from a dealership.