Bank closures

Has anyone been effected due to having cash in bank in any of the foreclosed banks?..lehman bros,… etc

no, but I did save money by switching to Geico

No, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

I love those geico commercials.

Dude. THAT was funny.

just trying to stay up with you Phil, Mr.Comedy!

// caveman series - YouTube

Just checked it out…didn’t get the pun :smiley:

This is so Bee-Gee’s…

// YouTube

My favorite Sal and Richard from the Stern show.

// YouTube


Those guys should get an award!

Very creative, bold and fast thinking. Gross too but funny as heck.

I like funny…and that was funny.

Are you a stern fan Phil?

I was. He goes over the top too often.

I had no clue those guys were w/him.

No matter what though…that was funny. To me.

I used to love the Bee Gees…

Did I just say that out loud :eek:

Dude…I had to go back and find where karlos wrote anything about the BG’s.

I must have missed that post.