Barbecue Grease on glass

So you’ve all probably come across windows caked with barbecue grease. Normally we use steel wool but depending on how bad it is at times its bit time consuming.

Any products you’ve found that work in these situations?

Adriran… Tsp (not tsp subsitute) in warm water will be a good start, 2 to 3 table spoons into 2 to 3 gallons of water ! Also using your 6’ triumph razor will remove the stuff. Test the corner of the glass first to see if there is a tendency to scratch. If not blaze through the glass ! Just my experience with this sort dirty glass, run into it all the time.

Most times scrubbing is enough. Have you ever used a boar hair brush ? Boar hair / china bristle is a very good scrubber for tough debris on the glass ! No need to use it as a primary tool but a good back up for crud caked glass !

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David Gutierrez / Advanced Window Cleaning Service, Seattle Washington

I ore-scrub with Simple Green or Titan Green, with a dedicated washer sleeve.

Scrape if necessary, using standard cautions.

+1 we have a house with grease all over it from being in behind a grill. A wet white pad with some titan green on it takes it right off.

Despite what David would have all believe, there is no test for the absence of excessive fabricating debris. One portion might be fine, while another could be laden with fabricating debris ( for example, the roller portion.)

And, no fabricating debris will be present on non-heat-treated glass.

In addition, the term “tendency to scratch” cannot be associated with a singular piece of glass.

Like Larry and Matt I’d do w/ Titan Green or Simple Green and a white pad. Scrape when necessary (waiver of course).


I have a process that works… either one is open to learning new ways that work or one is not, but when I scrape I know my process will work every time…Come work with me and I’ll show you the why’s and the wherefores ! Being open to new ideas and processes will ADVANCE one in the industry, that’s a given !


PS…NEVER EVER have I seen pocketed FD ! 31 YEARS YAWl…I think that has a little merit, and if I met a cleaner with 41 years I’d milk him for whatever I could glean from him ! I also gather info from beginners …just my style !

Steve-o what’s bio-clean…


I have one customer that I used to razor the window above their bbq on every clean but the last clean I used the nylex brush and that was all I needed. However I’m sure that the past razoring had an impact on how the nylex handled the job.
nylex hand held brush

You know Adrian the nylex brush is just as good as the boar hair, plus it don’t leave broken hairs behind so that is one step above a boar hair. Say Mark where can one get a nylex brush.


PS…oops…I didn’t see the link on your post for the nylex brush Mark , never mind Mark .
We “ALL” make mistakes. It’s just realizing it is what brings knowledge and understanding ! EH…

Well I know of a few wcers who have found tempered panes where only the top or one side had FD and the rest of the pane seemed fine. I guess it isn’t all about how long you’ve done something but how many other wcers you interact w/ in different areas.

Bio Clean is a HW stain removal product.

It is sold in WCR Store and at al jansan supply.

The brush is available in the WCR Store and at my local Ace Hardware.

Simple green wont leave a residue?

No more than regular cleaning solutions.

So nylex, no cleaners? Probably depends on severity of grease eh?

There’s that condescending tone Tomy was referring to earlier.

It will at full strength. That’s why I use it as a pre-scrub with a dedicated washer, and complete the cleaning with my standard solution and process.

Refer to the classic cleaning triangle.