Barely avoided tragedy yesterday!

Good job man, glad your not pushin up daisies!

Tory, glad to hear you and your men are alright.

Dude that’s a scary situation. Glad to hear everyone is okay. So, what could have been done differently? Running a lift on a busy street sounds dangerous as hell without proper traffic control. Don’t you need a permit to close street lanes?
Expect the unexpected.

That is good to know, Tory.
Thanks for sharing this. You da man!

What could have been done differently? Well, I think using a policeman for traffic control could have prevented this. Other than that, I did everything by the book. And yes, you do have to have permits to close down a lane. Absolutely. And if that lane’s sidewalk has parking meters, you have to close off each meter, and you pay for each meter too when you pay for your permit.