Lately I’ve been a big fan of bartering because it allows both parties to get more bang for their $

If you have any of the following and want to trade for SEO, or a new website drop me a line, here is what I’d love to trade my services for:

[]Graphic design (Need some Graffiti Removal cards, and Local SEO cards done)
]Water-fed Poles
[]Iphones (3gs or newer)
]Android phones
[]Windows XP laptops (specs don’t have to be crazy insane, they’re just used to keep SEO software running 24/7)

Or anything else you want to trade, and think I might be interested in.

I got 2 Motion Computing LE1600’s running windows XP. They are slate tablets. If you are interested, lemme know. Here is a link to a CNET review…
Motion LE1600 Review (Pentium M 758 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, 30GB HDD, XP Tablet 2005) - Mobile Connectivity and Entertainment - CNET Reviews

Cool Tory, Imma check out the link, they are basically like PC’s right? no issue leaving em running 24/7?

Not if you run them on AC. I have only one keyboard for one of them, if you use it without the keyboard, you can either speak to it and it translates to type, or it has a keyboard on the screen and you can use the stylus.