Based on the results. What country would you like to visit?

DOGHOUSE | What Each Country Leads The World In

This shows what each country leads the world in:

For example: Finland leads the world in drinking coffee

Based on the result titles, I like the sound of “Personal Space” of Greenland.

But I love me some “Falling Off Beds/Chairs” and “Killer Lawnmowers”

  • so I think I’ll stay here… USA! USA! :smiley:

Probably Iran and Czech Republic. They go hand in hand.

Our next trip includes Honduras, so if you don’t see back on WCR you will know why. I had no idea when we booked our trip.

Doing the math, Detroit would rank #4 on that list.
Handily beating out 100-some countries.

[I]“Stay Classy, Detroit.”[/I] :rolleyes:

I think I’m gonna go to Bulgaria to live the American dream…?

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Estonia! Wawaweewa!
Just kidding. It’s Chile (wife looking over my shoulder right now…)

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But not based on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Lived in Brazil, Japan and South africa.

Been in all 50 states

I’m with you on Czechs , I ll throw in there some Cuba (beisbol)

Feel bad for Germany :frowning:

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Venezuela…Miss universe 2013…dang she be real fine!

Chile has A LOT of good reviews. I want to go there!