Basic Gutter Cleaning tools

Heres a blog I wrote about the basic tools we use for gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning - Our Method - Wagner Window ServiceWagner Window Service

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[MENTION=5152]wws[/MENTION], good post, Tim. Nice use of the belts and carabiners for the buckets. I personally prefer Jesse’s ( [MENTION=4338]CapeCodCleaner[/MENTION] ) method of having eyebolts on a dowel, as I don’t like the weight hanging off me while I’m up there. I also like to use the 8’ garelick poles, so I end up with more debris in the bucket on each ladder set.

I really love the gutters that don’t have the hangers over the top. On those ones I’ll put the acme tip on my wfp, and I can scoop the whole length from one spot. But that’s a pretty rare occurrence here in New England.

Thanks again for sharing!

Replace New England with Midwest, and you pretty much said what I would.

My Garelicks are probably my most used tool, besides a squeegee.

We started with 8’ poles but I noticed that my guys were spending too much time trying finagle the pole around the hangers. I found it much more efficient for them to move the ladder

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Gooseneck with a reach around can help with the spikes…
One at 220º and the other at about 40º (guessing)

At least for tough to get spot, finagling.

What do you use to get out shingle dust? We need to add a new tool to the list. The spoons that we use have holes in them and I’ve noticed my crew getting lazier and lazier at removing it.

It may sound cheesy, but a dog food scoop work like a charm for shingle dust and grit.

Get something like this…

I found one at Petco it was narrower then the one in the link it fit this most gutter good.

Hope this helps @wws! :wink:

Use a sponge or a rag. Rag holds up better. Create a clear spot roll thw rag up.and stuff it in use your pole to push it through. It should fit under the spikes. Pushes all the muck to one spot. And then you scoop that out.

Sounds tedious but i actually spend less time rinsing now.


Never thought of that! Thanks!

i have a bunch of stuff but the best is also the cheapest. holds far more than your hand can, gets into tight spaces your hand cannot, never gets cut.2 bucks at the dollar store.


i’m confused by this statement. shouldn’t it be $1 at the dollar store?

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haha yes but here at least many items are 2 or 3 bucks.

My gutter set up.
I also use the Home Depot gutter scoop.

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