Basic Screen Repair

// Screen Repair - YouTube

Great Vid! A little more detailed then the one that was put up before! But the eerie silence kind of made me uneasy, please add sound! Ha!

Nice Video.
When you put in the sound, maybe add in a close up of the tools that you used!

I have not seen a box cutter like that one.


You should think about getting a screen jig for your table. It will help hold the frame in place and speed things up. I bet Eric would love one.

I have the Aluminum Jig on my table.

We are done doing screen repair. It took up too much time. Young Eric has too much other stuff to do. This was the last screen we had hanging around. The only time we are going to fix any more screens is if one of our guys busts one.
Keep in mind, this is very basic screen repair. I just always said I would make a screen repair video.

Screen repair sounds like a great add-on at first but it sometimes becomes a pain in practice.

Case in point. This week I did an apartment where the lady was inquiring about replacing the screen on the patio sliding door. The day before going there, she told me don’t bother about the screen. After I cleaned her windows she changed her mind again but I didn’t have any screen material on me. Now I got to go back for one screen. She lives close to me and is a repeat customer but if it was anyone else I’d say forget it.

Agreed Mark. Personally, I feel its a huge pain. I have two screen doors at my place that I want to re-screen but I can’t even bring myself to do it… for myself. LOL, whatever, when I want it done I have all the material at the office.

If you have the skill and you charge enough I know it can be profitable. I mean we don’t have a “Seth” set up by any means. Seth’s screen repair set up is sooo pro. It puts your local hardware store’s screen repair station to shame.

Thanks Alex. I too used to think screen repair was a big ole pain(still is sometimes). Just like cleaning windows can be sometimes. But once I invested in the right tools and set up for the job and gained more experience doing it, it became easier and more profitable (just like cleaning windows). I also keep it simple. I only re-screen with black fiberglass.

When I get a chance I will try to do a little video on my set up, and the tools I use (which are actually very basic).

What I would have done, and do is take the screen with me back to my shop and tell the customer it will be about 2 weeks (sometimes 4) before I will have it back to them. It only takes me a day or so to repair but I don’t want to go out of my way to return a screen for only $30 or so bucks. Usually within 2 weeks there is a convenient time where I don’t have to go out of my way to return it because we are working in a nearby neighborhood. I never give anyone a specific date when I will return a screen to them.

Don’t give up on screen repair. Once you get past the learning curve it gets easier. It is a natural add on to window cleaning I think.

We’ll be waiting for that video Seth to see your skills and setup.

Yesterday I did my first screen job, just re-screening with black fiberglass, 2 half screens and 1 sliding door screen. I charge $75, took me an hour and I have enough material left to do a few more, I think that makes me around $45 richer :slight_smile:

This customer is 5 mins away from me plus she’s given me tonnes of referrals so I’m giving her some special attention. Plus it’s a sliding door screen that I don’t want to have to lug down the elevator at her place and then up the elevator at my home.

I guess I’ll just keep good stock of screen in my truck from now on.