Bathroom breaks

Anyone ever go poop in a customers home then have the embarrassing task of asking them if they have a plunger, the homeowner saying no,then going to the local store to buy one, and ultimately give them a $20 or so inconvenience discount? I mean, uhmmmm, it hasn’t happened to me, just curious what might happen if you cough were in this scenario?

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I shoulda done a courtesy flush after the first plop, but my fantasy football alert on my phone got the best of me…

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No , at least not having to buy a plunger. But last week, i was doing a job, woman bought an old historic home for antique sales. All the contractors were trying to get done for grand opening. Electrician goes in a door with a huge sign, " don’t open door, cats will get out " he goes in and comes out 10 minutes later, I couldn’t believe how loud he was, but he comes out and yells for all to hear " Don’t open that door, it’s the cats and not me " . I’m still laughing as I’m typing, but it was true. I was just finishing and a few minutes later I billed the woman. She asked if I remembered the bathroom window and pointed at the door with the sign. I told her yes and no, the sign said don’t open and I’m allergic to cats. Squeegee’s if that plunger thing ever happened to me, I’d just tell them I over estimated and gave them a discount, trust me , they most likely won’t ask why lol.

Jeez, you had to get me going, on a Saturday, huh?

Cliff-notes version

  • Rude
  • Nasty
  • Inconsiderate
  • Unprofessional

The End

Get a van.

The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me - YouTube

Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Do NOT Go in There… - YouTube

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The title of this post should have been " Breaking Bathrooms"

I’m just thankful nobody’s uploaded the video from Friday where Craigs dad is giving him a speech while on the throne. That was pretty nasty.

Dumb and dumber was a little worse.

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Favorite thread ive read this morning. Great laugh.

I was doing a big vacation house one day and I walked into one of the guest rooms and the toilet was plugged, I could see the poop and toilet paper sitting on the bottom with no water in the bowl. Im pretty sure it was one of the 3 teenage kids. Anyway, at the end of the day when I invoiced him he asked me if he gets a discount for the plugged toilet. pftttttttt! How dare he blame me! NO I did not plug your toilet.