BBB is a scam, be careful guys

You get caught up with them and they’ll have you at the neck if you don’t pay.

I try to keep off their radar screen altogether,== but if forced to, I guess I’ll have to cough it up. I’ll be an angry MF and record all the phone sales pitches if thats the case tho

I better check my profile, they kept calling me and last time I told them they need to stop.

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I told them to jump off a bridge three years ago. They are on my contact list now, so they just get ignored these days.

Yeah same here.

Wow! Looks like straight up extortion to me.

bbb is a scam and so is yelp, wonder if angies list will also fall into that hole in order to meet its bottom line…money!

Personally i think Angies list is a semi scam too, but as for the BBB i tell em **** off all the time, they are a franchise,a business like us not to mention i think a few years back a drug smuggling/prostitution/money laundering bus owned by Russian mob had a triple A + rating bahaha

As far as Angies List, they advertise “companies dont pay to be with us”, tell that to the guy who sends advertising emails to me

It’s not a scam, you don’t pay to be on the list. You can pay to be able to offer coupons, etc with your listing. We get a ton of business from them.