Anyone a member of the BBB? Is it worth the money?

i would stay away from the BBB. i think there was another thread on this last week, you might want to take a look at it

Nobody checks with the BBB anymore with the invention of the internet.

Put that money into advertising

I am a member. Besides the nice sign they give you to put in the window i’m not to impressed. about two years ago I had a customer that didn’t want to pay for service and the BBB got the two of us together with a mediator to settle the problem. Long story short they got him to pay. But that is about all I have interacted with the BBB.

The BBB just called to sign me up today… again.

no thanks

I guess if your into all the “bells & whistles” of advertising then go for it.Personally i feel as though it’s a stiff price to pay to fly there logo?

I was approached early on when i first cranked up Sparkle WC’ing here in So.W. Riverside county at 300.00 plus a year …NAW got better things to do with those $ends$

I see very little advantage advertising with them. This is not the way to advertise

Their logo doesn’t mean a thing to you as a business other than you are a member. The BBB doesn’t vouch for your service. At best they can tell potential customers that you are a member in good standing (no complaints registered) and at worst they can say, “Yeah, we’ve had some complaints about them.” Who would pay for this?

I have been a member of the BBB since 2003. I do get 1-3 new customers a year from being a member. Not necessarily enough to justify paying for the membership.

A few months ago I received a letter from them saying they are updating their logo and will be implementing new ideas. I can’t find the letter but I thought I remember one of the things they will be doing is to help start generating leads similar to what the NWCD does. I just went to the BBB website and could not find any information on it though.

I have decided not to renew my membership this year to the BBB. I think for the $300 it costs, if I put that money to another form of advertising I may see a better return.