Be aware


Recently a nationally ranked mobile power wash company was raided in four states by federal law enforcement agents. Many of their files have been seized and they are currently under investigation for multiple violations. I am not at liberty at this time to disclose any more than this. I would highly recommend that everyone be careful with your waste water discharge. If you are doing any business with the Federal Government be certain that that you are completely honest and above board with them. They will be watching our industry!

Robert is currently on the road to New Orleans to present at a seminar in that area. When he returns we may have more information on this subject. If you monitor the news media there should be a release on this subject forthcoming. Those of you who need to contact Robert may do so on his cell phone.

another reason to stick with Window Cleaning.

Thanks for the tip.

Just read Allison Hester’s article regarding Jim Gamble (Crystal Cleaning Company, Antioch, CA) in the August 2009 [I]Cleaner Times[/I].