Be Nice... I'm new

Just want to say Hi to everyone. Finally decided to come out of hiding. I’ve learned alot from just reading everything that has been posted. My name is John and the company I’m starting (or will launch in January) is Purus Windows. I’d also like to thank Chris and Alex for this great forum. It’s already been extremely helpful.


Welcome to the team John!


Hi John. I am kinda new here too, but everyone has made me feel welcome. Good luck with the launch of your business

welcome… … …


Welcome John, and nice logo BTW!

Thanks. I have a friend who’s a graphic artist. He’s even done things for ESPN, and worked on animation projects with someone from Disney. He’s awsome! I can’t take any credit for it except that I picked out. He’s giving me a good deal to take care of all my print, 'cause we’re friends and all. If anyone is interested his site is



First off, welcome!

I am a little curious about the “I’m new, be nice”. Do we come down hard on new guys?

You may recall that John’s first post spun off rather quickly on a path that eventually landed it in The Fridge.

what post was that?

Welcome John, your in the right place for advice

Welcome John! Where are you located?

John feel free to ask anything. We have window cleaners in all aspects of building there company’s from guys just starting out to 30 year vets. Most people here are open books.

Welcome to the team!

That’s quite true. I just asked a question about the AUWC and, well…
Anyhow, I’m Oklahoma. There’s some competition here, but I think there’s enough glass to go around.

Looks like Louie has some company out there in Okie!

Looks like we have a few Okies on the board now! Welcome