Been a long time

I haven’t cleaned store fronts in many years. I stopped long ago to concentrate on residential work. Well, today I’m back! I did a small fitness center that is about to open. I had to find my 18" strip washer and channel and wipe the dust off them last night.

I had mixed feelings today as I was cleaning it. Sure the people watching is great, but within one minute of cleaning I got the ole, “You missed a spot!”. Haha, like I never heard that one before. Ugh. I was surprised at how fast I got used to the extension pole again though. Good for me. haha.

I got this account from a residential customer. His son is opening the fitness center. This was a one time cleaning, but I’m hoping to make it a monthly deal. If I do, I guess I’m back in the store front game. I already have a few customers on a monthly residential schedule, so it will be nice to add some store fronts if it’s worth it.

I’m curious what you all would charge for a regular cleaning? It’s been so long since I’ve done store fronts I’m not sure. There are 5 windows that are about 6’X10’ (pic attached). 2 that are 3’X10’. 2 doors and a transom above the door.

[B]Bonus-[/B] There was a graffiti scratch on one of the windows (pic attached). As soon as my Glass Renu system arrives I will be trying to upsell the scratch removal. I already mentioned it to the owner and he was thrilled to know I will be offering the service soon even though it will have to go through the property management group.

once a month I would be at about $40 in/out. First time clean would depend on how dirty but at least $60 unless it just wasn’t very dirty.

Same here. The big windows would be $5 each and $2 each for the doors plus a buck for the transom (normally $2;) )

Hmm, OK thanks. I guess I’m a little high. I’m offering quarterly cleanings at $99 and monthly at $79. I’m not sure if the regular cleaning estimate have been submitted yet. My office help was out today. But I think I’ll stick to my prices anyway. It’s no wonder I haven’t landed a commercial account in years. Haha. I bid a handfull of them a year.

Oh, and I charged $129 for the first time clean. It took me an hour and fifteen minutes. The windows were nasty.

I’d be around $60 per monthly or bi-weekly service visit not including initial clean probably around $75-80. Still, I don’t really shop for these type of accounts, prefer residential instead.

That said, being referred from a residential sometimes gives you greater bidding power. I did this one lady’s house and she was so impressed she wanted me to bid on some commercial units. I quoted $400 and she said that was quite high compared to who they’ve used in the past and considering it was ’only commercial windows’. I asked her if she wanted me to give these commercial windows the same quality service as I did for her home or just splash water around like the last company. …last week I did this job for the forth time and two days later I did another commercial complex for her at $800. :wink:

thats great you got that much, good for you, I would have been around 50.00 in and out. I do a fitness place here- dont charge too much for the 4 windows on front but i charge $5.00 a mirror inside, we trade for a membership tho. Hes opening another location in the fall, and ill be getting that one too he said.