We live minutes from the Johnson Wax company (they make raid) there wasp and hornet spray is absolutely the best. You can shoot them right out of the air xxx dead xxx. Plus we use about 2 cases a year of the 20% more cans, and the last case of 12 cans i bought was $13 HA! love it!

My last bee experiance was Friday. there was a set of tripple track storms with hives inbetween the storms, last place you would look! Didnt get stung but I did go on a hornet killing spree!

Raid wasp and hornet spray is possibly the best on the market. Have used it for a lot of years. Instant killing on singles or nests. Has a really long shooting range.

I forgot to mention that Dawn is not a poison so it’s safe to use. Won’t stain or damage customers property either.

Mike, I am going to try this tip! My guys seem to get trigger happy with the spray I buy ($3.99 a can plus tax). They will use 3/4 of a can on a tiny nest! I gues nothing will build their nest there until 2025! :-)That is a great tip. Ill have to give it a shot (pardon the pun). Kind of reminds me of putting vaseline over a tick thats embedding itself in you. Suffocation always works!


Mike, I’m gonna try the dawn too

I might try a 12 gauge :mad: