Being efficient

So recently I had a handyman hired by the real estate come around to do some repairs to my unit.
The guy was older 55+ he had no tool belt only had a tape measure on his belt.
He bought a few tools in when he came to do repairs, but he would spend 2 mins every 5-10 mins going out to his van to get 1 tool then he would leave it on the ground and go do something else only for him to spend 5 mins looking for the 1st tool he left on the ground at 1 of 5 points of work he was in.

I am very glad I was not paying him as he seem to spend 35-40% of his time going to-and-fro picking up his tools and looking for said tools as he had forgot where he left them.

Honestly the guy spent 3hours doing what I could have done in an hour and did a poor job and was very unorganised with the lowest quality tools I have ever seen.

Don’t be that guy!!! HAHA


Is his name Bob?

I had a real estate transaction go way off the rails about a year ago. Found out the sellers were purposely hiding a major defect in the foundation that would have cost 6 figures to fix. This house was legit about to roll down a hill.

I did some research and got in touch with the previous buyers who had backed out. They referred me to a structural engineer that found the defects for them before they cancelled the contract.

This dude was old, I mean real old. I was worried about him slipping and falling. Not only was I his client, but I became his helper, holding level sticks up against walls and kinda standing near him through the whole thing to prevent him from falling.

The whole thing took much longer than it should of, but his lack of speed was more than made up for in experience. He took the time to document and explain every little detail of what was wrong, what it should cost to fix it, and what the sellers had covered up recently since his last inspection.

A few days later I got a detailed, 18 page report from him. Cancelled the home contract, and there wasn’t a damn thing that they could do about it because we caught them falsifying a seller’s disclosure red handed.

Long story short, just because someone is inefficient doesn’t mean they are doing a bad job. Their inefficiency may be an asset because they are doing it right.


Some days I am that guy and I hate it, I keep having to go back to the truck, more steel wool, need that little step ladder after all, forgot my squirt bottle for tracks, where did I put my pole, I dropped that putty knife in the bushes somehwere here, left a cloth on the window sill 3 rooms ago…some days are like that.


I’m huge on efficiency, but let me tell you . Last week on Monday and Tuesday I got very little sleep and on Wednesday and Thursday I was that guy . I would forget everything, I would tell my son I forgot my step ladder . Go around the house and I would totally forget what I was going to get . Would come back and had to ask my son what was I going to get . You just never know the other person situation

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i am usually guilty of the opposite, bringing too much. i hate going back to the truck and hate making an extra trip for anything,