Being Yourself is the Best Branding of All

As a startup why was I always trying to look big? I think I was just critical of myself because I was so new I did view myself as a “professional” yet.

Being Yourself – The Best Branding of All | Carpet Care Cleaners

Yup, yup. Absolutely be yourself. My motto is " Do good work & the rest will follow


This is so True.

Great blog. I would have never thought of using a music video in a blog. Yeah, it’s weird how we small guys can get so defensive about being small when all the big service companies are trying to make themselves more personal and responsive - exactly what we do best.

Being big has it’s own advantages.

You have to emphasize your own strengths when you are marketing. If you are older and slower don’t try to compete on speed, emphasize how you have experience and knowledge, if you are a one man operation don’t be defensive that it takes you two days to do a large job, emphasize that you are a trusted craftsman and that quality takes time.

If you have a crew, emphasize how convenient you are - that you can get the windows cleaned in 2-3 hours so you can get on with the day.

Everyone has unique value propositions, and they are all a little different.

What i am finding hard is that after 9 years, my company is starting to make fundamental changes. Trying to reflect that is branding is difficult.

Safe, quality work always!!!

A robot can be safe, who are you?

Branding can be so much more then “corporate grey”

It can be personality and should (especially if women are included in your target market) evoke a specific “feeling” it can connect with people.

what makes you different from all of the other “safe cleaners who do quality work”?

When I started I was the “cheap guy” well now there is a new “cheap guy” in town cleaning for way less. If people were only connected to my company based on price, whamn I just lost them.