Besides Hard Water Stains

Besides Hard Water stains, what are other obstacles one might come across when cleaning windows? such as paint or deep scratches? and how do you guys overcome them.

Use the search bar for a few hours, then if you have more specific questions ask them. Your profile only has 3 hours read time. I would recommend spending at least 3 hours reading on hard water spots to learn the basics of the different kinds and chemicals to remove them.



While that is true, a lot of things in the search bar is other topics of people saying use the search bar. Why is it that people on here can’t answer something even if it is already answered and have to repeat use the search bar. I know me personally I have asked things after a lot of research and people say use the search bar to which I reply I did and it’s all people saying use the search bar. Not trying to be rude but why can’t people like you just provide an answer as opposed to saying use the search bar. Is it that hard to repeat something that may have already been answered in another thread.


i was thinking this too lol

Some people on here get extremely defensive if you ask for something that is already on a thread yet it’s a forum to learn. I do not get it!

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While I surely won’t speak for everyone, and I truly do understand where you’re both coming from; these are my thoughts on it.

Generally speaking when someone asks about something already heavily discussed in the forum, it’s because they want to save the time of searching the forum, looking through those “ghost posts” you just described.
The reason people often respond “search the forum” may be because that time you are trying to SAVE will then need to be SPENT by someone writing a response. And as I’m sure we’re all aware, this is the busy season, time is valuable. (For many reasons: family pursuits, personal interests and lastly money.)

That said, the considerate thing to do is often to thoroughly research the topic yourself BEFORE asking the working professionals here. Although if it’s a unique situation, as you’ll find there is always someone ready to assist.:slightly_smiling_face:

Additionally, once a topic is thoroughly discussed, making more and more of the same topic contributes to a search experience that is more and more difficult when looking for pertinent information. The more you use the forum, the more you’ll see it’s a kindness to us all if you research items before posting requests.

Again, not speaking for everyone or every situation, just some thoughts to keep in mind.:+1:t3:


I think @Endless said it very well. To add my thoughts, along with what was already said, a business owner has to take responsibility for knowing to the best of their ability what is going to come up in their business. If someone posts with little read time on something so complex, it may mean that they are expecting someone else to feed them the information like an employee would instead of doing their best to solve the problem like a business owner. If he had more read time I would have asked for more specifics on what they looked like, his area, the building layout, etc. Giving a crash course on hardwater that takes an hour for someone to type up isn’t fair if it’s obvious the OP hasn’t taken at least that much time to research. I don’t want to feed into the wrong mindset for a business owner, especially so early in his business. I spent hours for months researching the ins and outs before a single post when I was looking to start my business, and while I know that amount isn’t needed for everyone, more than 3 hours is needed and will only benefit him.

@GlossyWindows reading for hours on end also has the benefit of running across things that are helpful to know that you didn’t know would be helpful. I believe having the tenacity to problem solve everything you can in the beginning is important as that will only make you more knowledgeable, which will set you up for success. Hardwater is a fairly complex subject, so to keep it form getting overwhelming I would recommend keeping a folder or file that you can record what you find. For section starters I recommend environmental factors, chemicals, types of hard water spots, and maybe a summary page to put it all together.

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If someone has time to spend reading posts on a forum they’re clearly not concerned about their time or trying to save it


I respect your opinion, but I disagree. :slightly_smiling_face:
As each person spends their personal time reading new/old/searched posts on this forum, they gain more knowledge.

Knowledge = Power; in this case, the power to grow and advance your business. Time well spent.:+1:t3:

I start my work day with a cup of coffee and a review of any new posts on WCR. I do this, not for entertainment, but rather to check if there’s anything new I can learn or if there’s a new topic I can contribute to as a way of returning the favor to others.
I suppose it’s all in how you look at it…


People who care enough to tell someone to read more are on one lol. Do you own this forum? Maybe there are new things listed that haven’t been before? I read only so little because when I’m. Do I read exactly what I’m looking for. If y’all had time to respond to the post that’s the same time it would’ve taken to write down the answer to the question lol… hope everyone is having a good day! If you feel attacked by this post lmk so I can post some more.

I don’t feel attacked at all; we just differ in opinion and approach to expressing it. I respect your right to an opinion, but for the reasons mentioned, I just don’t agree.:slightly_smiling_face: