Hey there, I’ve been using a BOAB that my dad designed years ago. It works pretty well, but recently I’ve been thinking about getting either the Grackle, or the Silencer II, or possibly the Drywalker. Anyone have any real world experience with any of these? The BOAB that my dad designed is able to carry enough solution to clean quite a few windows before having to refill. Do either of these, or the Drywalker hold a decent amount of solution?

Drywalker for me.

Any reason besides the obvious price difference?

I’ve had good results with mine and it gets the job done. I can’t speak for the others yet. Had a unger BOB and my leg always got wet.



How much solution can it hold? I don’t typically carry a bucket around with me, I leave it out in the truck.

BOABS are for tools not and actual “bucket” … if you want water dunk in your bucket or carry a squirt bottle. BOABS sloshing about is an inside accident waiting to happen and a wet leg annoyance no matter what BOAB you have if you’re purchasing solely based on “how much solution it can hold”


boabs hold drips, not solution. Bring in a squirt bottle for that?

I switched from the gunslinger/reach-it to the Drywalker and I love it. Always liked the look of the silencer but it’s just way too expensive.

I have really liked the drywalker’s water catch system, it really works well. It’s also noticeably lighter weight.

I agree about solution, indoors especially. Outside, i might keep my boab a bit more full.