Best Credit Card Processor?

Hello! I know I’ve asked this question before but I’m going to start accepting credit cards and wanted feedback on the best systems / companies to use. I’m currently using quickbooks. What works well with quickbooks? I’m going to be having employees take cc info from customer at the job site, so I would like to make it easy for employees and would like to avoid square or something that requires a smartphone. Thanks!

Never mind…went with intuit. [MENTION=3400]WinterIsComing[/MENTION]

I got Square they send me a free reader. with 2.75% fee per swipe, haven’t used yet but it’s very easy to set and the money are in your account the next business day.

Square is the TRUTH!

I had intuit but didn’t like it. Now I use square.

Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback.

Square is awesome and if you use it more than the average you could pay a certain fee for unlimited transactions.

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What didn’t you like about it, Phil?

I don’t recall actually. There was a monthly charge I believe. And the square charges only when you use it. I take so few cards that its much better with square. I used intuit when it first came out for another business.

I just looked at the intuit go payment. They have a pay as you go system or a monthly payment plan. I had the monthly payment. $12.95 a month. I don’t think the pay as you go plan was available when I had it.

I do a lot of volume, so the monthly payment is worth it for me. I love their new app as well.

From what I came to understand, Intuit charges a higher than advertised commission fee for any card that has a rewards scheme attached to it.

In other words, most credit cards.

That makes Square cheaper, at least for pay as you go plans. Gotta read that fine print.

PayPal has a card reader now, too. No monthly fee and the transaction fee was less than Square.

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Granted I don’t take as many cards, even if the price was a little higher than square, I think GoPayment is worth it just in the sense that I can download my transactions directly into quickbooks. Saves me time.

A valid point.

I use Customer Factor for all my CRM and invoicing. So I end up closing the invoice there with the payment info and when I sync it with Quicken it’s all there. No time savings for me so cost was more important.

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fixed it for you, lol