Best lunchtime snack?

Hey all,

I know this is a pretty trivial question, but what do you find is the best snack to bring when you’re doing a large home that will take 6-8 hours.

Especially those foods that aren’t affected from sitting in the heat of the car all day (even though its winter right now).

I like peanut butter an honey sandwiches, just in case anybody was wondering:cool:

I might have missed something.

Beer for sure… Oh wait, I thought you asked what’s best for breakfast. Nevermind.

Actually I just take a few granola bars.

How many? Dangit…either answer poll # 8 billion or go home.

Judo chop the poll !!!

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are you guys arguing on-line?
my guys packs a small cooler everyday. he typically takes fruits and yogurt. i typically take along those peanut butter/cheese cracker packs.

To stay on topic … I don’t eat, seriously.
I eat when I’m finished for the day.

Most of the time that’s what I do. Grab a short breakfast and starve it out until im done. sometimes that’s as late as 5 o’clock, then it’s feasting time til I pass out from a food coma

I used to do this too man, my thought proccess was, time is money, and I aint gonna waste my time eating. Well now I eat a quick snack and I’m so much more energized for the second half of the day. Spending that 10 minutes to nourish myself is well worth it.

If my guys are working on ladders or on a big house, I make them take at least a 30 minute lunch break away from the house/property. This gives them time to relax and not think about window cleaning for a bit. Then they are refreshed and ready to get back to work.

If they are doing route stuff, we fit in a lunch where/whenever we can in our route. many times we’ll visit our customers and dine in their establishments.

Some of the guys bring their lunch. Nuts, turkey and cheese sammies, protein shakes, snakc bars, etc. They do eat throughout the day for metabolism reasons.

I always stop for lunch.

“Enjoy the journey - not just the goal!”

I used to never stop to eat partly cause it would take me so long to clean the windows that I didn’t want the customer wandering “when is this guy gonna finish?”

No I don’t really care as much. Sometimes I’ll park it on the curb and chow down. There’s something to be said for a well-timed rest

I eat yogurt or pizza everyday for lunch.

A few things I like to snack on between a sandwich for lunch are rice cakes, raisins and cashews mixed, yogurt. As the afternoon wears on, perhaps another cup of coffee and DRAKES apple pies.

Typically a Clif Bar or a sandwich. I use a small cooler with blue ice for water and food. Lunch is eaten in 5-10 minutes, typically after the tracks, interior glass, and screens are completed.


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If I get stuck on a long house job I’ll usually will have a granola bar or a apple. I’ll try to stop at subway if I know its going to be a long day.

I try to keep a can of peanuts or cashews in the van for those times when you don’t want to take a lunch break but need a little something to tide you over. In the winter a thermos of coffee as well. Summer demands iced tea.