Best one I've seen yet

Just posted in my area this morning. 18 sold already. Lots of running around for $20 a piece


Bet it’s the same as living social. 50% off your price then 50% of your 50%

Working for 1/4 of your price.Then $3-7 for gas to get there… etc…

Uh no thanks…

So are they working for the upsell?

Ya, an them when you get there you notice there windows havnt been cleaned in like 10 years. The only reason why there using you is because the price is so dam cheap why not clean the windows. You will never see them again.

So true !!

Trying to up sell more windows@ normal rate. Or getting house wash etc at your full price ain’t gonna happen with coupon shoppers . They’ll just wait for the next deal schmuck. Who will chase the pennies

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