Best platform to hire with? (Indeed? Simply Hired? others?)

Has anyone had better luck with one job search outfit over another?

i have used indeed mostly. i quite like it. tried zip recruiter but i like indeed better

I received considerably more applicants via Indeed than Facebook or Craigslist but havent tried other methods so cant vouch for those

Did you get responses from experienced window cleaners on Indeed or just trainees?

Very few experienced. Terrible selection of individuals come to me. 6 appts and 0 showed up last week.

Will try Simply hired today.

Trying everything… can’t even get someone to show up for an interview lol
Boosting indeed postings and Facebook, blueskies recruiting, craigslist and handing out cards, reached out to all customers… I can’t wrap my head around the fact no one wants to work. We just upped our starting pay with no experience to $15/hr with pay increase after training and $500 sign on bonus after 90 days. We’ll see what happens

I contacted probably 50 applicants this week. Most never responded again, scheduled one interview and it was a no show.

Its brutal out there right now.

I’ll say this though, (not to totally derail the thread) but when people go looking for a job, unless their industry totally shut down and they couldn’t find any, if someone came to me and had a gap in employment during the majority of the pandemic I would do my best not to hire them. To me that says someone just doesn’t want to work. That would say more to me than being fired, because at least they were trying. :rofl:


as i refine my ads (unpaid) on indeed i am getting better results

I am curious what your thoughts or experience has been with blue skies. I am considering using them but am hesitant to spend that much money without feedback from others.

I’m sure they are usually great at what they do but this year we haven’t got a single thing from them

Haven’t heard of them.