Best product to use on aluminum frames, exterior

What do you suggest I use for a house with all aluminum exterior frames. I do the windows every 6 months and wipe down the frames but don’t use anything special on this job. Should I?

Is there an issue with the frames?

If you want to really put a shine on them and are willing to spend the money and labor, use some Mothers aluminum polish

Not really…the customers house is by the ocean and I want to wipe them down each time I clean the glass to preserve them from corrosion.

I’m not looking to detail the aluminum frames so much as use the best product with the water in the bucket to minimize damage to aluminum and clean it well while I’m at it. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Paul, as far as I know there is nothing you can put in your water that will preserve the frames. BUT, you may want to give Nanophase a call and see what they have to say. NanoUltra may work on a beachfront house even on the frames because of the moisture.

Thanks for the help. It’s appreciated. I looked at the nano products and thats not going to do the job. I did a search online and found this if anyone is interested. I will get a trial sample and talk to the rep there. Thanks again to all for the feedback.

“Everbrite is a clear, protective coating that will restore the original color and luster of chalky, dull or faded painted or anodized metals. Everbrite will also protect metal from fading, corrosion, color loss or oxidation. Everbrite will stop copper, brass or bronze from tarnishing or oxidizing.”