Best Pump/ Syatem?

I have been researching roof cleaning for som time now.
So, what is the best pump to use so the bleach doesnt kill it, and the switch doesnt cycle too often?
I am looking at Pressure Tek FLOJET G57 AIR PUMP KIT WITH 5/8" POLY HOSE CLICK THUMBNAIL FOR A LARGER PICTURE OF KIT CONTENTS - PUMP KITS, and the DELAVAN FATBOY KURI TEC KIT [url=]Super size the thumbnail to see the contents of the kit. Add the “Pump In A Box” upgrade and we’ll even take care of the wiring! - PUMP KITS
Also, what is the most economical tank and where do you get one?
Thanks for the help.

Sorry Guys and Ladies.
I meant Best Pump/System?

We use the Fatboy with the accumulator tank. Never have had any problems.

I like my system but I am bias.:slight_smile: Just try to stay with a tank, 12 volt pump and ag rated hose. Then build up to a higher capasity system when you get in the black.


What are the pros and cons of a 12 volt system over the others. I noticed on another forum for roof cleaning that some have gotten away from 12 volt pumps.

12 volt is easy to troubleshoot in the field. quick to replace, cheap, no gas powered engine, I could go on forever.


LOL, ask that question over on the roof cleaning institute forum, and you are likely to start a fist fight. Every roof cleaning pump has it’s advantages and disadvantages. 12 volt pumps are inexpensive, and good starter pumps. The more expensive 12 volt pumps like the Flojet Pentaflex are quite good, and can nearly equal the performance of some of the smaller air operated double diapraghm pumps we use. However, if you want to kick azz, and take names, a big air diaphragm pump with a large air compressor is THE way to go. Tampa Florida is full of roof cleaners, and to compete on big commercial roof cleaning jobs, one must have the Toys to make some noise.
We use 1 inch Hastelloy Air Diapraghm Pumps with Teflon Diaphragms, and 18 CFM Air Compressors. But then, we ain’t playing.
We do NOT use Hose Reels either, they all break and leak, and slow you down. We use 5/8 diameter hose, only because my guys are “wimps”. When I was working, I used only 3/4 inch hose. Our specialty is huge residential roof cleaning in Tampa, and an occasional commercial roof cleaning job. I like being fast, it gives me more time to water, and sell some neighbors!

As suggested the 12v systems work great and have come a long way. Starting out with a fatboy will be plenty enough!

Here are some cad pix of the 4 systems we offer at