Best soap mix?

So what do you guys think the best soap mix is for your general window cleaning?The issue I have been having is that it seems like the suds go away after the first few windows and with the warm weather here im drying really fast.

What is the soap mix you like the best???

InvisaClear Window Cleaning

GG4 and a dab of Dawn for the suds seems to work for me.


The more suds the faster the solution will dry on the window. Less soap is usually the best way to go. It will help w/ detailing issues too.

On hot days, I go with a mix of GG4 with some of the stuff I normally use. Seems like GG4 lasts a couple seconds more on a hot peice of glass.

gg4 is what i use 1 oz per 3 gallon. If its a scorcher I add sorbos glide 1 TBS per 3 gallon

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Try to avoid sunlight as much as possible. Work on shady sides before the sunlight reaches the windows. It doesn’t take long to heat them up. It will make clean a whole lot easier no matter what soap you use.
Dawn, Joy, Palmolive, gg3 & 4. I can use it all. I’m a professional.